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"A Collection of Incredible Journeys from one of our great living Adventurers"

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Neil Laughton fits the classic profile of the Great British Adventurer. He has a glint in his eye, he's up for anything, he's burned through his nine lives and his stories have an edge of eccentricity to them. What sets him apart though is his catalogue of adventures which have involved every continent by land, sea and air. He has genuinely 'done' the planet and lived life to the extreme.

Adventureholic is a thrilling browser's delight. The chapter titles - 'Jungles', 'Deserts' 'The Arctic', 'Mountains', 'Flying Machines' etc, are enough to warn you you're in for a rollercoaster read. I was immediately drawn to his drama on Everest, where in 1996 he got caught up in the famous 'worst storm for 100 years'. It's a grim reminder in an early chapter that behind all the fun and comradeship of extreme adventures there's a great seriousness. On a lighter note, later in the book he tells the story of attempting to host the world's highest Black Tie dinner party, but even that was interrupted by an earthquake...

A former Royal Marines Commando, helicopter pilot and Special Forces officer, Laughton then became a successful business entrepreneur. But he has still found the time to play cricket at the South Pole and golf at the North Pole. He's piloted a flying car 10,000 miles across the Sahara. Currently, he runs the Penny Farthing club. Some people just don't know how to stop.

Greg Hackett

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