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The Breakdown

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

February 2017 Book of the Month.

Right from the start Paris throws you into an intense atmosphere of confusion, suspense and fear.  Taking a shortcut home on a stormy, summer night proves to have life-changing consequences for Cass when she spots what appears to be a breakdown along the way.  She stops to offer assistance but when there is no apparent response she heads home telling herself that she’ll call the police once she’s home to report the incident.  The next day she discovers that the driver of the car has been brutally murdered and is immediately filled with guilt as she realises she forgot to make the call.  Slowly her life begins to unravel as she’s convinced the killer saw her stop and is now stalking her.   Paris takes us right into heart of the story as we follow Cass on a journey of despair and self-doubt.  Her mother’s early death from Dementia adds fuel to the increasing distress she feels as her own memory begins to fail her.   There is a real sense of foreboding within this novel.  Cass’s voice is one filled with terror, guilt and desperation.  This is a woman whose sanity is pushed to the edge and as the novel progresses the intensity of her experience is relayed to the reader offering an exciting read as we try to work out what really happened that night and how much memory affects us. ~ Shelley Fallows

Shelley Fallows

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Primary Genre Thriller and Suspense
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