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The Words of Kings and Prophets

"A fabulously fantastical historical novel set in 1000AD Ireland where immortals and mortals battle for control. "

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

We declare this wholly immersive and transportive novel dwelling within the myth and history of Ireland, a LoveReading Star Book. This is the second in the Gael Song series, which started so beautifully with The Children of Gods and Fighting Men and I recommend joining at beginning in order to fully appreciate the timeline of the plot. Author Shauna Lawless blends the fantasy, myth, and historical elements with a masterly hand. I joyfully rejoined the story and fell back into the characters lives. We again sit with chapters concentrating on either gentle healer Fodla (Foe-la) or fiery queen Gormflaith (Gorm-la), and I absolutely love that there are binding elements and their stories don’t just lie within good versus evil territory. There is a wonderfully atmospheric sense of place, I slipped into the pages and visualised my surroundings as I explored. Violence follows both humans and immortals, relationships flounder and flourish, and I could feel this world balancing on an edge ready to plummet. Highly recommended, The Words of Kings and Prophets is an enthralling and entirely satisfying read.

Liz Robinson

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