October is the month we celebrate all things spooky and settle into the perfect season for curling up with a good book. This month we deliver ghostly stories and thrills to give you chills as well as eye-opening history, compelling debuts and more.

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Fiction Books of the Month

Our Fiction Books of the Month section overflowed with brilliant new recommendations this month, from ghostly winter short stories from bestselling authors to a collection of food writing to get your stomach rumbling. See what our experts thought of these titles below:

The Winter Spirits by Bridget Collins, Imogen Hermes Gowar, Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Andrew Michael Hurley, Jess Kidd, Elizabeth Macneal, Laura Purcell   - "These twelve ghostly stories set over the Christmas period are hauntingly exquisite, and would make a beautifully creepy present for you or those you love."

Mrs Plansky's Revenge by Spencer Quinn - "Florida widow Loretta Plansky goes on the adventure of her life in this delightfully funny tale of phishing and revenge."

Bedside Companion for Food Lovers by Jane McMorland Hunter - "A deliciously delightful anthology highlighting the world of food from a variety of sources including novels, recipe books, children’s stories, and poetry."

My Brother's Keeper by Tim Powers - "Journey to Howarth in 1846 and meet the Brontë family as you could never have imagined them in this vividly astonishing gothic novel."

Past Lying by Val McDermid - "An absolutely cracking police procedural from the hands of the Queen of Crime, set in Edinburgh during April 2020 and the first Covid-19 lockdown."

Wolves of Winter by Dan Jones - "Bloody battles, merciless conditions, and medieval oligarchs — this heady historic blockbuster featuring a band of 14th-century soldiers is fierce, captivating, and comic with it."

The Toll House by Carly Reagon - "A creepily compelling ghost story in which the discovery of a death mask connects the disturbing past of a toll house to its modern-day owner."

The Words of Kings and Prophets by Shauna Lawless - "A fabulously fantastical historical novel set in 1000AD Ireland where immortals and mortals battle for control."

The Last True Templar by Boyd Morrison, Beth Morrison - "This historical thriller is a rip-roaring adventure-filled race to discover the lost treasure of the Knights Templar."

Non-Fiction Books of the Month

Our non-fiction books this month focus on history. We have answers to its most curious questions, how the female body drove evolution and splendid trailblazers brought to life. Keep reading to browse this non-fiction trio:

The Rest is History by Tom Holland & Dominic Sandbrook - "Based on the brilliant podcast, these entertaining nuggets of history cover centuries of curious topics, from the most disastrous parties in history, to the remarkable history of the Canadian beaver."

Eve by Cat Bohannon - "Visionary, vital and packed with personality and meticulous research, this offers a ground-breaking new perspective on human evolution."

Pure Wit by Francesca Peacock - "This splendid biography of a trailblazing, scandal-inciting 17th-century female writer lays bare hidden histories and a remarkable life."

Debuts of the Month

This debut duo delivers historical fiction at its most thrilling and compelling crime drama that will make your heart ache. Explore these and our Debuts of the Month section to discover brilliant brand new authors. 

The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho by Paterson Joseph - "Telling the extraordinary story of a Black Briton who rose from being born on a slave ship to lead the fight to end slavery, this is historic fiction at its most exhilarating."

All That's Left Unsaid by Tracey Lien - "Prepare for your heart to ache in this compelling crime drama as it walks alongside a family after their beloved son and brother is murdered."

Liz Robinson's Picks of the Month

Liz Robinson is on top form once again as she shares a selection of monthly picks with something to appeal to everyone. There are pick-me-ups in book form, enchanting walk ideas and gothic reads perfect for the lead up to Halloween. Scroll down to see why these books make her recommendations this month:

Death Valley by Melissa Broder - "An unforgettable and truly beautiful novel awaits in this journey through grief and love by a woman seeking solitude in the Californian desert."

Palace of Shadows by Ray Celestin - "Exploring love and delusion, the paranormal and supernatural, this is a striking and chilling gothic descent into the consequences of obsession."

Weird Walk by Weird Walk - "An encouraging and optimistic book offering thirty-two enchanting walks through ancient lands of folk tales and history."

Really Good, Actually by Monica Heisey - "Spiky and bright this astute oh-so funny novel about the end of a marriage creates waves of emotions that crash through barriers to allow thoughts freedom to explore."

The Witches of Vardo by Anya Bergman - "A vivid and atmospheric historical retelling of one of the Vardo witchcraft trials in Norway which took place between 1662 and 1663."

Swimming For Beginners by Nicola Gill - "If you need a pick-me-up in book form, then this gorgeously warm and quirky novel comes as highly recommended by the LoveReading team."

The Winter List by S. G. MacLean - "Absolutely top notch historical crime fiction set in York during the 1660’s as Royalist supporters hunt down Cromwellian traitors."

Star Books

The end of the year might be approaching faster than we're comfortable with but we're not slowing down when it comes to adding books to our Star Book collection. These will form our Books of the Year and there's stacks of shining recommendations for you to discover. Here is a peek at the latest additions, click here to explore our full Star Books collection.