Stockholm Delete

Paperback edition released 07/09/2017

by Jens Lapidus

Part of the Stockholm Noir Series

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LoveReading Expert Review of Stockholm Delete

In a stilted style with sparse descriptions which takes a bit of getting into, this is one of those dark Scandinavian crime tales that builds slowly and suddenly grips you making you turn the pages at speed.  It is a complex plot involving a young, attractive and very talented lawyer, Emily, a reformed gang criminal, Teddy, who helps her and the Stockholm underworld.  Gangs, drugs, fraud, all at a very high level and involving corrupt police.  There are several threads and a lot of characters that are sometimes difficult to follow but all becomes clear eventually.  The twist at the denouement is neat and rounds things off well.  However, there are unanswered questions, in particular the identity of the “big boss” who is so powerful and well protected that it is likely that a very few of those who work for him actually know who he is … So I expect more to come especially as Emily has been sacked from her law firm and must surely set up on her own with Teddy.  I will look forward to reading them.  Sarah Broadhurst

Sarah Broadhurst

Stockholm Delete Synopsis

Emilie Jansson has just been made partner at a prestigious law firm when she is asked to work with an unusual partner. Teddy is an ex-con trying to stay on the right side of the law while working as the firm's fixer and Special Investigator. Meanwhile, a body is discovered in a remote house in the country after what looks like an attempted robbery - and a severely wounded man found near the scene is soon in the frame for murder. Emilie takes on the role of his defence lawyer. But when the trail of evidence leads back to her partner Teddy's wayward past, Emilie begins to wonder what she's taken on...In Stockholm Delete, Emilie and Teddy become entangled in a complex and dangerous web with deep connections to Stockholm's criminal underworld. Both will be tested in terrible ways. But can they survive long enough to uncover the truth?

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781786491763
Publication date: 7th September 2017
Author: Jens Lapidus
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 496 pages
Primary Genre Thriller and Suspense
Other Genres:

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Jens Lapidus Press Reviews

At last: an epic European thriller to rival the Stieg Larsson books. It's an entirely new criminal world, beautifully rendered - and a wildly thrilling novel. -- James Ellroy on the Stockholm Noir trilogy

Jens Lapidus, with his dazzling book, Easy Money, is the new Swedish thriller writer everyone's been waiting for. -- Reggie Nadelson

Anything Jens Lapidus writes is a must-read for me. His writing crackles with a profound understanding of not simply why bad people do bad things, but how. -- Ryan Gattis

Jens Lapidus is a very talented crime author. He is also a young author. He is only going to get better - and he has every potential of becoming the best -- Leif GW Persson

Breathless staccato phrases matched with stylish acceleration a la James Ellroy's raw, terse prose... Lapidus delivers an intrigue that will keep you nailed to the pages Politiken, Denmark

[Stockholm Delete] is intense and hyperrealistic, written by a suspense novelist who this time has created a near perfectly matched relationship between the novel's content and the form in which it is presented.  Dagbladet, Norway

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ISBN: 9781786491763
Publication date: 07/09/2017
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780525493129
Publication date: 18/04/2017
Format: Ebook

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About Jens Lapidus

Jens Lapidus is the man behind the most talked about Swedish first novel in a decade: Easy Money - the first of the internationally bestselling Stockholm Trilogy - is a dark and brutal account of the Stockholm underworld. A young and highly successful criminal defense lawyer, Lapidus' professional experience of representing some of the most notorious criminals in the country has given him unique insights into a world that most people would rather not acknowledge. Jens Lapidus lives in Stockholm with his wife.

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Stockholm Delete
Stockholm Delete
Stockholm Delete
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