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The Anomaly

"This speculative thriller chews up any preconceptions and spits them out in this fabulously readable and thrilling tale."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

An absolute wow of a novel. A violent storm ejects exactly the same airplane twice, with the duplicate flight landing three months after the first. All the people on board now have replicas, expecting to live a life already owned by those who landed on the day of the storm. I was a little late to the party on this one as I normally read well ahead of publication date, but this has already been out for months. It is my first novel by Herve le Tellier and certainly won’t be my last. I love it so much that I just have to recommend it to those who’ve not yet heard about its brilliance. It is the well-deserved winner of the 2020 Prix Goncourt in France, a prize that celebrates the best and most imaginative book of the year. The translation by Adriana Hunter is superb. My imagination was hooked from the outset, my questions of how, what, where, when… hammered at my awareness. I was taken into individual lives, those living and even dying from the first flight, and then the same lives arriving with no awareness of the missing three months. I will admit to existing in free-fall for the space of this novel, it thrilled me, and I sat in open-mouthed appreciation throughout. It doesn’t really allow itself to be categorised into one genre, it skims several, from speculative thriller and mystery novel, through to relationship and family drama. The Anomaly is pure dramatic reading heaven and comes with a LoveReading Star Book tag and Liz Pick of the Month recommendation.

Liz Robinson

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