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Trails and Tribulations

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Trails and Tribulations Synopsis

'I laughed, gulped and cried as I read Susie's stories of battling through some of the hardest races on this planet as well as some of the hardest moments in her life' Sophie Raworth 'Tells it all with an openness and honesty that comes from having endured some of the world's most gruelling tests of endurance' Dean Karnazes, ultramarathoner and New York Times bestselling author 'A truly inspirational read from a brilliant and determined runner' Iwan Thomas AN EXHILARATING READ FROM ONE OF THE UK'S LEADING AND MOST RECOGNISED ENDURANCE RUNNERS. Susie Chan is an icon of endurance running. Since taking up running at the age of 35, she has completed the legendary Marathon des Sables more times than any other British woman, set the 12-hour treadmill World Record and was one of the first women to finish all the World Marathon Majors. Susie's story is an inspirational fight against the odds. From leaving a dysfunctional marriage, managing as a single mum and tackling cancer treatment, Susie has had her fair share of adversity. Throughout it all, running has kept her going. She always finds a reason to lace up her shoes and hit the road - or the track, trail or tread. Her mantra: You never regret a run. From the Moroccan desert, the Peruvian jungle and the sweltering Death Valley, to Susie's local South Downs and a running track in Tooting, her adventures take her across the globe. With Susie's down-to-earth personality, refreshing attitude and wicked sense of humour, we learn the countless reasons she finds to push herself further and the life-changing opportunities running has given her. Her passion for the sport is infectious, and her story is a shining example to all in the running community and beyond.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781399408776
Publication date: 6th June 2024
Author: Susie Chan
Publisher: Bloomsbury Sport an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 256 pages
Genres: Autobiography: sport
Running and jogging