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Dragonsong Synopsis

Let Anne McCaffrey, storyteller extraordinare and New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author, take you on a journey to a whole new world: Pern. A world of dragons and other worldly forces; a world of mighty power and ominous threat.. If you like David Eddings, Brandon Sanderson and Douglas Adams, you will love this.

"Anne McCaffrey, one of the queens of science fiction, knows exactly how to give her public what it wants" - THE TIMES

"Do yourself a favour and read ANYTHING by this Author, you won't be sorry" -- ***** Reader review
"A real page turner" -- ***** Reader review
"Delightful reading, well written, and wonderful characters, and Dragons! Lots of Dragons! Bliss!" -- ***** Reader review
"A brilliant read" -- ***** Reader review


Every two hundred years or so, shimmering Threads fall from space, raining death and black ruin on Pern. The great dragons of Pern hurl themselves through the beleagured skies, flaming tongues of fire to destroy deadly Thread and save the Planet.

But it was not Threadfall that made young Menolly unhappy. It was her father who betrayed her ambition to be a Harper, who thwarted her love of music. Menolly had no choice but to run away.

When, suddenly, she came upon a group of fire lizards, wild and smaller relatives of the fire-breathing dragons, she let her music swirl around them and taught nine of them to sing.

Suddenly Menolly was no longer alone -- she was Mistress of Music and Ward of the dazzling fire dragons.

The Dragonriders of Pern series continues in Dragonsinger.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780552106610
Publication date: 1st February 1983
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Publisher: Corgi Books an imprint of Transworld
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 177 pages
Series: The Dragon Books
Genres: Epic fantasy / heroic fantasy
Mythical creatures: Dragons
Narrative theme: Coming of age
War, combat and military adventure fiction
Science fiction: near-future
Science fiction: space opera
Action Adventure