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The Forgotten Guide to Happiness

"A charming, beautifully humorous, thoughtful and easy to fall into relationship tale set in the world of books, what more could you ask for!"

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Absolutely and completely adorable, this all embracing story will break, mend, and fill hearts with warmth, humour and love. Lana is bitter after her break-up and pours her angst into her new book, while much admired author Nancy often finds dementia leaves her in a confusing world. Jack acts as matchmaker with Lana and Nancy and they find their lives forever altered. The main characters light up the pages, Nancy in particular has taken up residence in my heart and soul. Sophie Jenkins has the most beautifully light and thoughtful touch, little bits of heartache sit right next door to gulps of laughter, while gorgeous literary snippets and references sprinkle the pages. As I finished reading, I actually said out loud “I blimmin love this book” and gave it a hug (it was witnessed, I got a couple of strange looks, but hey ho). Sophie Jenkins has written a relationship tale for book lovers of all kinds, for people who love hope and even need hope in their lives. I raise my glass to The Forgotten Guide to Happiness and what really matters in this world… love, in all its different shapes and sizes. 

Liz Robinson

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A thoroughly good read, perfect for summer.

I enjoyed this book. It was an easy read and one that I would recommend.

Victoria Emerson

What a heartwarming exploration of identity and love in all its forms.

When you’re trying to write a love story, maybe the best way is to live it!

I thoroughly enjoyed The Forgotten Guide to Happiness. I loved the plot and although it’s relatively simple it is so satisfying to read because not only does it have a lovely romantic heart, the conceit of writing as a catalyst for the book is perfectly handled, so that it is actually a very useful book for aspiring writers as well as a warm, compassionate and engaging story.

Lana is a hugely appealing protagonist. She is flawed, insecure and totally human. Once or twice I found myself telling her ‘No! Don’t DO that’ because I cared about what happened to her.

However, it is Nancy who steals the book for me.

Linda Hill

A great summer read that I know you'll come back to again and again.

This is the story of Lana, a writer looking for inspiration for her second novel. After her first draft is canned by her agent, she faces a dilemma - find a new story or a different career. Then she meets Jack - a hero looking for a story, and Lana's life changes once more.

Alison Bradbury