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The Mum Who'd Had Enough

"A wonderfully humorous read, yet beautifully balanced with a decidedly knowing edge, for a slice of entertaining do step this way…"

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Tremendously entertaining, and truly captivating. Nate is in for a shock, after 16 years of marriage his wife has left him and their son, with just a note listing all of his faults. Nate is determined to right his wrongs, and win Sinead back. I always smile when I pick up a Fiona Gibson book as I know I’m in for a real treat, she has the ability to connect, to enter thoughts and feelings while delivering a wonderfully humorous and enticing read. This is a beautifully balanced novel with a decidedly knowing edge. It may well provoke thoughts, and create moments of awareness, as there are occasional provocative stings along the way. I found my feelings unravelling and then tangling again, there are some unexpected moments and I have to say that I absolutely adored that ending! ‘The Mum Who’d Had Enough’ is a joyful corker of a read, thoroughly recommended.

Liz Robinson

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Reader Reviews

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A humorous take on a serious subject - a great Summer read. Enough substance to keep the reader engaged, but not too demanding.

This is quite a light easy read, although the subject is actually quite serious. The story is mostly narrated by Nate, a forty something driving instructor, who wakes up one morning to find his wife has disappeared, leaving him a list of all his shortcomings which have led to her decision to walk away from the marriage. His efforts to rectify these shortcomings, in order to win back his wife, make amusing reading, and he does find himself in some difficult situations. The writing style is good and I enjoyed it, although I did find myself getting slightly bored at about the two thirds mark – it picked up towards the end though, and the ending was good.... Read Full Review

Doreen McKeown

I loved the book!! It was an amazing story and i couldn’t put it down.

This is the story of Nate and Sinead Turner, who have been together for 16 years and have a son, Flynn.

Nate believes everything is perfect, until one day when he wakes up to find Sinead gone, with a list of all the things he did wrong.

As he attrmps to ‘prove her wrong’ by completing this list, his life changes and he wonders if what happened is for the best anyway.

What will happen?... Read Full Review

Sophia Ufton

Yes, I think everyone has been down this route or knows of couples who have ......

Can dad win her back?

Nate wakes up early one morning to find the other side of his bed empty and a note downstairs with bullet points from his wife Sinead. After some deliberation he realises that these all relate to him and the problems she perceives. Thus she has left him. They have a 16 year old son called Flynn who suffers from cerebral palsy but they both dote on him. Yes, she has been having therapy and also the doctor diagnosed her with depression, but at her age Nate considers this almost the norm.

Now he has a mission - to make his way through this list and prove to her that he is worthy and can be a better husband.... Read Full Review

Bev Taylor