by Ian Anderson

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Be transported back to 15th Century England in this meticulously researched, action-packed tale of chivalry, love and loss. This debut historical epic will appeal to fans of Bernard Cornwell and M. C. Scott.

Gregory Averill has served his King on the battlefield all his life but through cruel circumstance and his refusal to capitulate has lost all he has worked for and, more vital to him, the love of a woman who made him complete. But a new campaign and the chance of final victory against France drags him on and into a new life.

Knight was written in the aftermath of a personal tragedy, the death of Ian’s wife from cancer, and the book is, for him, an act of dedication and a key part of his grieving process.

Ian says of his story ‘There is action enough, but essentially the story is a love story, a tragedy, and above all, a vision of hope after all seemed lost.’

Knight Synopsis

Ian Anderson is a mature and beautiful new voice on the literary scene. Knight is breathtaking in its scope, exquisite in its tenderness, and uplifting in its refusal to succumb to the despair which fate sometimes prepares for us. It is a story of love and valour; a story of one man's refusal to capitulate, when all the world seemed to conspire against him. Set in the early fifteenth century, in the last days of the Age of Chivalry, this is the story of a king's champion, who, robbed of the love and beauty of the woman who had made his life complete, and stripped of all he had worked for and achieved, still, somehow, found the will and the strength to pick himself up, and move forward again, and, in the process, carry a king to victory on the battlefields of France. This gripping work of historical fiction, weaving together strands of romance, tragedy and drama, reflects the real pain and suffering associated with loss. It exemplifies the ongoing struggle of the grieving process; between the need to retreat into the memories of the world which has been lost, and the need to find a way to move forward again. It is ultimately a book of hope, written by an author who has made the journey.

Knight Press Reviews

'I have been editing for many years. I have only, once before, told a writer that his book was a potential best seller... you are the second. I loved your book.' -- Gary Smailes BubbleCow

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ISBN: 9781780884714
Publication date: 14/03/2013
Publisher: Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing
Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781780884714
Publication date: 14th March 2013
Author: Ian Anderson
Publisher: Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing
Format: Paperback
Genres: Action Adventure / Spy, eBook Favourites, Family Drama, Historical Fiction,

About Ian Anderson

Born in Western Australia after the end of WW2, Ian Anderson's eyes were always turned skywards. His early heroes include Douglas Bader, Guy Gibson and Barnes Wallace. An engineer in both military and industrial spheres, Ian's formal qualifications are in science and engineering, however, his interests include music, theatre, history and literature. Ian now lives in Surrey, England. Over the years, he has written consistently, but always for a technical audience. Knight is his first venture into fiction.   Below is a Q&A with this author.   The story is full of what feels very authentic detail – ...

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