Kell's Legend

by Andy Remic

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Blood, gore and violent action – don’t expect anything less from this tale of deadly warriors and monsters.

Kell's Legend Synopsis

They came from the north, and the city fell. It is a time for warriors, a time for heroes. Kell's axe howls out for blood.

The land of Falanor has been invaded by an albino army, the Army of Iron. A small group set off to warn the king: Kell, a magnificent and brutal hero; his granddaughter, Nienna and her friend, Katrina; and Saark, the ex-Sword Champion of King Leanoric, disgraced after his affair with the Queen. Fighting their way south, betrayal follows battle, battle follows deviation, and they are attacked from all quarters by deadly warriors, monstrous harvesters who drain blood from their victims to feed their masters.

As Falanor comes under heavy attack and invasion, only then does Nienna begin to learn the truth about grandfather Kell -- that he is anything but a hero. Ferocious fantasy from a real-life hardman come to claim the post-Gemmell world.

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ISBN: 9780007324156
Publication date: 03/09/2009
Publisher: Angry Robot
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9780007324156
Publication date: 3rd September 2009
Author: Andy Remic
Publisher: Angry Robot
Format: Paperback
Genres: eBook Favourites, Fantasy,

About Andy Remic

Andy Remic is a young British writer and teacher from Lancashire. During his teaching career he developed an interest in martial arts and is now expert in unarmed combat. He can kill a man with a single blow, but prefers writing and hacking computer systems.

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