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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Trespass is a beautifully written and complex tale of love, jealousy, transgression, forgiveness, identity, and war. Brendan and Chloe Dale are the epitome of upper middle-class America living a very comfortable life in rural upstate New York. All seems well until their son, Toby, a student at NYU, returns home with his new girlfriend and Croatian refugee, Salome. Chloe is immediately suspicious of her son’s new-found love and in return Salome displays hostility towards Toby’s parents. The mistrust and tension is heightened when Salome falls pregnant. We are then drawn into Salome’s violent and war-torn past which is cleverly juxtaposed against the backdrop of middle-class America. As the book’s title suggests the story is about invasion on many different levels and, in particular, how each individual character deals with their own personal intrusions. It makes for a very thought-provoking read indeed.


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