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Weird Walk

"An encouraging and optimistic book offering thirty-two enchanting walks through ancient lands of folk tales and history."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Weird Walk is an inspiring celebration of the beauty of our lands, ancient sites, folk tales and history. It doesn’t contain exact maps and thorough details of walks, what it does rather, is offer encouragement, and introduce the wonders that can be found.

The writers, who have remained anonymous, really allow the contents to shine and  Stewart Lee, who pens the foreword says: “What we do know is that the three Weird Walkers followed their noses, and were already walking weirdly before it ever occurred to them that their weekend wanderings could become a fanzine, a website and, finally, this book”

We follow them through the seasons, and they explain: “ By walking the ancient pathways, visiting the sacred sites, and immersing ourselves in the folklore and customs of these isles, we hope to fan the faint embers of magic that still smoulder in the grate and conjure that elusive temporal trackway of history and mystery, a route that bypasses nostalgia and leads us back towards optimism and re-enchantment”. Thirty-two locations beckon you on, each location offers beautiful photographs, interesting snippets, thoughts and feelings, and walking notes. I have visited a fair few of these uplifting sites and now want to return with fresh eyes. Plus, of course I now have an even larger list of places I must go forth and walk weirdly in. If you delight in stone circles, old ways, and the land of folklore then this is the book for you, and so we have chosen it as a LoveReading Star Book and it joins my personal monthly picks. Stimulating and refreshing, Weird Walk is just gorgeous, it pops with vibrancy and offers a world of enchantment.

Liz Robinson

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