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Wolves of Winter

"Bloody battles, merciless conditions, and medieval oligarchs — this heady historic blockbuster featuring a band of 14th-century soldiers is fierce, captivating, and comic with it. "

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

The second book in Dan Jones’ Essex Dogs trilogy, Wolves of Winter is a wild ride of historic fiction set around a band of rampaging 14th-century soldiers — the eponymous Essex Dogs. 

It’s bloody, it’s salty, it’s a hands-down hearty feast of heady drama backed by historic detail, with larger-than-life characters whose every curse and move darts from the page like a killer crossbow in flight.

It’s the mid-14th-century, and following a brutal, bruising battle at Crecy, the Essex Dogs must prepare themselves for a fresh fight. Sent to attack Calais, with King Edward having declared that no man of England may return until it’s taken, they must endure cruelly harsh conditions in an anarchic camp. At the same time, each of the Essex Dogs are beset by personal demons that threaten to tear them asunder, if the battlefield or camp doesn’t get there first. 

In the company of the Essex Dogs, in their dirty dog-eat-dog world, fans of Bernard Cornwall will be exhilarated by the author’s visceral evocations of money men, merchants and pirates, and by the Dogs’ physical and mental fights for survival.

Joanne Owen

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