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Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell by Debbie Carbin

Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell

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Rachel Covington is rather full of herself and rather selfish but you can’t help liking her or this novel. It’s funny and fresh and a brilliant book for a holiday read. This is the authors first novel and lets hope there will be more to come.

Comparison: Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, Catherine Alliott.

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Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell by Debbie Carbin

In Rachel Covington's view, the world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have children and those who don't. Neither side can understand the other and each believe that they have the best deal. Rachel herself is sexy, single and smug. She's very happy with her fabulous, flirty life full of parties, clothes and hairdos. Then one day she meets Nick Maxwell and sets in motion a chain of events that change her life irrevocably. Nick makes Rachel feel dizzy, light-hearted and thrilled. But then he doesn't call. And Rachel finds she is pregnant. Suddenly she is catapulted headlong into her worst nightmare and is faced with a dreadful dilemma : should she keep the baby and change her life forever or keep things exactly the way they are?

Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell is the touching story of Rachel's personal journey. But it's not all tears, cravings and morning sickness. A chance meeting in a supermarket leads Rachel to Hector, a tall, dark stranger who makes her laugh and is the exact opposite of Nick Maxwell.

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Well, I did enjoy Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell. I thought it was charming. Debbie does the workplace brilliantly, the single girl even better, and impending single motherhood best of all. She explores the fragility of modernday relationships from fickleness to fidelity with unnerving accuracy, particularly the complexity of female friendships. Her heroine, Rachel, is refreshingly honest - the reader will veer from wanting to throttle her to wanting to scoop her up and give her a hug. To sum up, it's fresh, modern and funny - Marian Keyes without the blarney. * Veronica Henry * She's vain, self-obsessed and pregnant after shagging the office cad on her sitting room floor. Admittedly, Rachel Covington seems an unlikely heroine. Your first instinct is to roll your eyes in a silly-cow-should've-been-more-careful way. A few chapters in, though, and you're as interested in her and her unborn as you would be if she was your best friend. We're not quite sure how Debbie Carbin manages to hook us into caring about 'one of the best-looking people you'll meet

's own estimation), but before you know it you'll be racing through the chapters so quickly you'll forget to eat or go to the loo. Of course, there's a romance too, with a man who she thinks is a stranger, but just happens to be her best friend's husband's brother. Yet it's Rachel's sweet, fresh and funny account of pregnancy that makes this such a good read. * Heat * Rachel's perfect yet somewhat selfish existence as a party-loving gal can't get any better. But then she meets Nick and suddenly her harmonious life is turned upside down when she discovers she's pregnant * OK magazine * Hilarious and honest * Heat * Carbin's brisk, funny first novel records the changes in a shallow, self-centered beauty brought on by a bun in the oven and an unlikely connection with a stranger. After being callous with many hearts, Brit Rachel Covington gets her comeuppance when her interoffice romance with superfoxy Nick Maxwell comes to an abrupt end. While pining for him and experiencing bouts of nausea, moodiness and ravenous hunger, she spies her friend Sarah McCarthy's husband, Glenn, passionately kissing another woman. Rachel also happens upon a lost cellphone and develops a friendship with its owner, charismatic Hector, soon revealed to be Glenn's successful older brother. When Rachel confirms her pregnancy, her decision to only let Hector know strengthens their bond and puts them on the fast track to potential romance, but circumstances prevent the would-be lovebirds from getting together. These are contrived in a necessary chick lit way, but Carbin fashions a convincing transformation for her protagonist. Other genre tropes abound (including the charged climax and Hector's wealth), but Carbin's engaging main character and swaggering sense of humor save the day * Publishers Weekly *'

About the Author

Debbie Carbin lives in Kent with her two small children. Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell is her first novel.

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10th March 2008


Debbie Carbin

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Transworld Publishers Ltd


480 pages


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Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)



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