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The Tree Forager

"A love letter to trees and everything that they offer. Wherever you live and wherever you walk, this book needs to go with you! "

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Both rich in detail and beautifully personal, this celebration of extraordinary trees will change the way you view arboreal life forever. From Apple to Quince, Beech to Yew, The Tree Forager is a stunning, illustrated guide to the history, medicinal properties and edible wonders of 40 precious trees. What Adele Nozedar doesn’t know about these trees isn’t worth knowing! She writes lyrically about her own experiences and knowledge, sharing insightful musings and a dash of humour to bring her extensive research and recipes to life (Christmas Tree Tea and Hazlenut Cracknell are top of the list to try). Her passion for nature and foraging is infectious. A few chapters in and you’ll find yourself gazing out of the window – or taking an unexpected walk – just to explore the trees in your own neighbourhood. What’s their history? How do they support local wildlife? Can their fruit, nuts or leaves be eaten for dinner? All questions you’ve probably never thought about until now. This is a magical little book that inspires and illuminates at every turn. And it’s also a book with a few hefty calls to action: asking us all to explore and respect the trees around us, enjoy their harvests responsibly and replace those under threat with the planting of new. Given some species like Magnolia have been around since the dinosaurs walked the earth, it seems only fair to give a little back. This is the best type of non-fiction you can find: captivating, thought-provoking…and fun.

Lindsay Quayle

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