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Lindsay Quayle was always that child pleading for an extra half an hour of reading time before lights out. It was no surprise to anyone that she went on to study English Literature once she’d worked her way through every book she could lay her hands on at home and at school.

After a spell of time in Finance, the draw of books brought her back to her real passion; she finished her masters in Publishing Studies and spent time working as a bookseller before landing a role at non-fiction publisher, Mainstream. Several years later, she went on to work for Scottish Book Trust and had the enviable job of writing about the life-changing benefits of reading and stories. She was also responsible for curating book lists for organisations including Children in Scotland, Education Scotland and LGBT Youth Scotland, as well as writing regular reviews for Children’s Books Ireland and other internal publications.

Lindsay is now a freelance writer and editor with her own company, Pencil Press. She has never lost her love for a good novel, and still wishes there was an extra half an hour at the end of each day for one more chapter.

Latest Reviews By Lindsay Quayle

One Last Secret
Dora is about to marry to a man she knows can keep her happy and safe. But before she leaves her life as a sex worker behind, she agrees to one last job in the luxurious surroundings of a French chateau. Provocative behaviours and indulgent power games soon turn sinister and, when face to face with secrets from her past, Dora knows her chances of leaving the chateau alive are fading. Unsettling, uncomfortable, ingenious; this is twisty-turny drama right to the finish! The pace is fast, the action unpredictable and the first-person narrative sharp as a knife - female protagonists ... View Full Review
The Tree Forager
Both rich in detail and beautifully personal, this celebration of extraordinary trees will change the way you view arboreal life forever. From Apple to Quince, Beech to Yew, The Tree Forager is a stunning, illustrated guide to the history, medicinal properties and edible wonders of 40 precious trees. What Adele Nozedar doesn’t know about these trees isn’t worth knowing! She writes lyrically about her own experiences and knowledge, sharing insightful musings and a dash of humour to bring her extensive research and recipes to life (Christmas Tree Tea and Hazlenut Cracknell are top of the list to ... View Full Review
Foraging with Kids
What better way to encourage children to connect with the natural world than with the promise of tasty treats? There’s an abundance of wild delights available in our gardens, parks, seas and forests, and foraging expert, Adele Nozedar, celebrates 52 beauties in this inspiring guide for families and classrooms. Each wondrous plant or tree, fungi or herb is given its own moment in the spotlight - Nozedar cleverly weaving together fascinating facts, folklore and recipe ideas to bring these diverse specimens to life. Who knew that Daisies made the ideal bruise salve, or that Nettles are used to colour ... View Full Review
The Better Brother
Exploring deep-rooted family rifts and the perils of flying a little too close to the sun, this cautionary tale about two feuding brothers is emotionally charged from beginning to end. There’s no love lost between Michael and younger brother, Jack. But when their father dies, the brothers face a life-changing ultimatum: go into the family undertaking business together or forego their £4 million inheritance. A no-brainer, surely? Or maybe not…This smart debut balances Machiavellian one-upmanship with the quirkier goings on of funeral-home life. Expect plenty of morbid humour and cheeky one-liners, particularly from unlikely embalmer, Royston ... View Full Review
Should I Tell You?
It’s never easy burying your true feelings for someone – particularly when that person happens to be your best friend. Raffaele, Amber and Lachlan have been unbreakable since their teens, forming a connection in a loving foster home in the Cornish village of Lanrock. Life’s twists and turns have brought the three back to Lanrock and Amber is fighting hard against the deeper feelings she’s always harboured for Lachlan. Meanwhile, Raffaele is home and heartbroken and foster dad, Teddy, is having the time of his life with glamourous new squeeze, Olga. It’s ... View Full Review
The Death of Remembrance A D.C.I. Daley Thriller
It’s been a rollercoaster of a decade for DCI Jim Daley. Fresh from the mean streets of Glasgow, he arrived in the fishing community of Kinloch on Scotland’s west coast to investigate the washed-up body of a young woman 10 years ago. Thankfully for fans of Denzil Meyrick’s bestselling detective, the drama and body count in this small corner of the world isn’t showing any sign of slowing! Violence, prejudice, deceit and corruption bubble under the surface of this latest outing for Daley and less-than-sober sidekick, Brian Scott. Life in gangland Glasgow may ... View Full Review
The Boy With A Pound In His Pocket
Losing a child is an unthinkable, unbearable, life-changing event. Losing a child to a horrific knife crime at the hands of a so-called friend adds an extra element of heartbreak. When Yousef Makki, a bright 17-year-old with everything to live for, was stabbed through the heart by a privileged school friend in March 2019, the grief felt by his family was too much to bear. But when Yousef’s killer was cleared of all murder and manslaughter charges just months later, it awakened in them all an inner calling: to fight for justice for Yousef. Narrated by Yousef’s ... View Full Review
Who's Lying Now?
Emotions are running high in the coastal town of Kesterly-on-Sea. It’s the height of a pandemic; an important friendship is in tatters and more than one marriage hangs in the balance. But for high-flying couple Jeannie and Guy Symonds, life couldn’t be sweeter. Until 6 January 2021 - the day Jeannie mysteriously disappears. Fans of Susan Lewis won’t be disappointed, those new to her books will be sucked right in. This is a novel that exudes suspense, sexual tension and a cast of perfectly developed characters who all have their own stories to tell and secrets ... View Full Review
The Cornish Hideaway
Like the rhythm of the sea itself, this life-affirming novel pulls you in and sweeps you along with captivating ease. Emotions rise and fall from chapter to chapter - heartbreak, joy, love, regret - and guaranteed you will be yearning for your own summer escape before the final page has closed! Poor Freya. Her dream of being an artist is in shatters and her love life isn’t looking much better. Just on cue, fairy godmother Lola invites her to spend the summer working in her small village café on the Cornish coast. It’s the perfect ... View Full Review
The Liberation's Child
This is Britain – but not as we know it. The country is reeling in the aftermath of the Free and Equal Britain (FEB) movement, a political regime that dismantled the structures of society and brought about the unjust killing of millions of citizens. Dom and Thea, two survivors trying to move on with their lives, face a race against time to discover the truth behind a child trafficking ring somehow connected to FEB-era politicians. Their desperation is present at every turn of this haunting fiction. Every move they make is riddled with tension; who is watching over them? Who ... View Full Review
The Journey After the Crown
Set against the sizzling backdrop of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s first royal tour to Australia, this is historical fiction simmering with the drama of banquets and betrayal, seduction and scandal! For identical twins Daisy and Violet Chettle, stepping aboard the royal ship marks the start of a new chapter in their lives. A chance to serve at the very highest level, and the opportunity to leave behind the tragedies of their own shared past. Daisy won’t stop at anything for a taste of the high life – much to her sister’s outrage. ... View Full Review
What Eden Did Next
When loved ones from the past reappear in our lives unexpectedly, they have a habit of shaking things up. And not always for the bad. For Eden Hall, the return of an old childhood friend - five years after the death of her beloved Andy – forces her to re-evaluate emotional connections to the past and the relationships that will shape her future. Her late husband’s family have been nothing short of perfect. But when Eden and daughter Lila show signs of moving on, ties with her controlling in-laws become strained. Will Eden have the resilience to put ... View Full Review