These twenty books encourage you to celebrate nature and rejoice in our natural environment, a world that we are an integral part of and should feel connected to. This selection of very different books bewitch with spells, stun with facts, haunt with poems, and take you on journeys with people who feel -- really, really feel -- nature and have the wonderful ability to take your hand and allow you to explore with them. Every single author here encourages a connection, a link that expands, and are held in high esteem for their love of our surrounding landscapes, animals and birds.

Anita Sethi demonstrates nature's ability to help reclaim a sense of belonging in I Belong Here when the Journalist and writer decides to hike The Pennines after she was the victim of a vicious hate-crime. It is "thought-provoking, inspiring, and inclusive, this is a wonderful blend of nature and an examination of language, community and friendship".

Farmer-turned-rewilder Derek Gow recounts his adventures in Birds, Beasts and Bedlam. This "chuckle-inducing and thought-provoking account" is incredible special, discussing the realities of rewilding and Derek's work to transform his farm into a wildlife breeding centre and save many more much loved but dangerously threatened species. 

Focusing on the coastline, The Seafarers: A Journey Among Birds by Stephen Rutt was winner of the Saltire First Book of the Year in 2019 and is a LoveReading Star Book. Exploring the remarkable seabird life of The British Isles as discovered by Stephen when he escaped his anxiety-inducing life in London for the bird observatory on the most northerly of the Orkney Islands, North Ronaldsay before journeying to the windswept havens on the edges of Britain. "A beautiful and thoughtfully eloquent book highlighting the wild landscape of the British Isles and the birds that live most of their life out at sea."

The Batsford Poetry Anthologies are a brilliant gift for any established nature lover and the perfect way to introduce both poetry and nature into your daily life. With A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year, this calming collection of nature poems have been curated to help you unwind at the end of every day. "365 poems that will see readers through every season and infuse a sense of nature-inspired serenity before bedtime." You can also check out its companion anthology A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year.

Following the poetry theme, The Lost Spells by Robert Macfarlane, Jackie Morris is "A must-read, absolutely glorious book of spell-poems and artwork that conjure our natural world into vivid wonderful life". This is a pocket-sized treasure from the creators of the critically acclaimed The Lost Words and is just as magical and bewitching.

Taking a look at the world from a new perspective, some of the books in our collection contpemplates nature in a way that will blow your mind and guarantee that you never see things the same again. Merlin Sheldrake's Entangled Life is an eye-opening must read and LoveReading Star Book that take you on a journey to what feels like an entirely different planet to explore the wonder of fungi, as our Expert Reviewer Liz Robinson commented, "truly fascinating, this is one of the most surprising books I’ve read in a while."

Empire of Ants by Olaf Fritsche, Susanne Foitzik is another "intensely satisfying and entertaining read that opens up the amazing world of ants, you may never look at them in the same way again". Ants have been on the earth since the Dinosaurs and acclaimed biologist Susanne Foitzik has travelled the globe to study the master architects of Earth. Alongside journalist Olaf Fritsche readers are enticed to learn more about secret societies thriving beneath our feet. 

Another fascinating read that explore the world beneath us is Underland. Robert Macfarlane takes us on a journey into the worlds beneath our feet. From exploring Greenland's ice-blue Glaciers to rock art in remote Artic sea caves, the networks trees use to communicate. This is a remarkable voyage into the planet's past and future and "is a totally unique and breathtaking introduction to what lies beneath us, to the earth below our feet."

Continue into the unknown with Ed Yong's An Immense World. "Just a little bit mind-blowing, this immensely fascinating and satisfying book kicks known thoughts out into free-fall". This book allows readers to explore and use the senses of other animals, highlighting that each one exists within their own sensory bubble and only perceiving a fraction of our immense world. 

So take a step into the wonders that await, lose yourself for a while, learn something new, and celebrate with us, our amazing natural world.

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