Girl, Forgotten

by Karin Slaughter

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LoveReading Expert Review of Girl, Forgotten

Smart, shocking, and thought-provokingly powerful, this LoveReading Star Book successfully merges several storylines into one compelling whole.

Fiercely relevant storytelling spearheaded by integrity carves out a slice of the past as it highlights the victim of murder. US Marshal Andrea Oliver’s first mission to protect a judge receiving death threats, is a cover to solve a 40 year old crime and prevent the release of a domestic terrorist. Best-selling Karin Slaughter is one of my go-to authors, she writes furiously readable books that not only thrill, they delve into the heart of what it is to be human. Girl Forgotten continues on from the fabulous Pieces Of Her and you really do need to read them in order to fully appreciate the story. Karin Slaughter so knows how to hook and spin your attention. She takes you back and forth in time, it’s almost painful to read, knowing that Emily has died, yet still experiencing her life. Reading witness statements from the first crime, years ahead in the future, cleverly merges the two time frames and brings the past even more vividly to life. Both storylines are incredibly strong, each demanding your full attention, each independently moving forward yet linked. The present day juggles the murder and death threats, while sitting in the background is the reason for Andrea’s assignment. Andrea’s new partner Leonard Bible is just fabulous, and brings some light-hearted moments into play. I really would like to see more of Andrea and Bible, and the ending suggests there may be more to come. A riveting and rewarding read, Girl Forgotten ensures you remain on full alert throughout. 

Liz Robinson

Girl, Forgotten Synopsis

A girl with a secret…

Longbill Beach, 1982. Emily Vaughn gets ready for prom night, the highlight of any high school experience. But Emily has a secret. And by the end of the evening, she will be dead.

A murder that remains a mystery…

Forty years later, Emily’s murder remains unsolved. Her friends closed ranks, her family retreated inwards, the community moved on. But all that’s about to change.

One final chance to uncover a killer…

Andrea Oliver arrives in town with a simple assignment: to protect a judge receiving death threats. But her assignment is a cover. Because, in reality, Andrea is here to find justice for Emily – and to uncover the truth before the killer decides to silence her too…

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780008303563
Publication date: 23rd June 2022
Author: Karin Slaughter
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 400 pages
Primary Genre Crime and Mystery
Other Genres:
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Girl, Forgotten Reader Reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title.

Girl, Forgotten is a high-stakes contemporary mystery underpinned by a shocking act of sexual violence forty years earlier in a small, conservative town only too willing to turn a blind eye.

Girl, Forgotten is a high-stakes contemporary mystery underpinned by a shocking act of sexual violence forty years earlier in a small, conservative town only too willing to turn a blind eye. It’s two years on from the events of Pieces of Her which turned the life of Andrea “Andy” Oliver upside down, and within hours of qualifying as a US Marshal she finds herself juggling both an official and unofficial assignment. The first is protecting federal judge and Reagan appointee, Esther Vaughn, the recipient of a series of death threats, and the second and more personal one is looking into the unsolved murder of the judge’s pregnant eighteen-year-old daughter back in 1982. The prime suspect for the 1982 murder is none other than Nick Harp, Andy’s very own father, and proof of his guilt would quash any chance of parole at his next hearing in next six months time, something that Andy desperately wants.

Travelling to the small town of Longbill Beach, where the murder took place forty years ago and the eighty-one-year-old judge still lives, Andy finds several key players are still in residence and her partner is experienced, wise-cracking Marshal Leonard “Catfish” Bible. The novel is comprised of a dual narrative separated by forty years with impending murder victim, Emily Vaughn, trying to find out which of her ‘friends’ assaulted her, and Andy and Catfish ruffling feathers when they arrive in town in the present day. A real sense of menace pervades throughout and both Emily and Andy’s narrative feature several characters in common and it is fascinating to see how fundamentally unchanged they are despite living in very different times. A couple of corking revelations which ramp up the tension into the close caught me unawares and I was heavily invested throughout, with the book leaving the door wide open for the character of Andy to return.

Rachel Hall

Fast paced, violent and explosive, Slaughter is never afraid to pull her punches.

Andrea Oliver has just graduated as a US Marshal and has been given her first assignment. Andrea is no ordinary marshal because Andrea's dad is no ordinary man. Her new assignment takes her back to her dad's roots and puts her in grave danger. Can Andrea solve a forty year old murder and save herself in the process.

I am a fan of Karin Slaughter's Grant County and Will Trent novels but I am also always pleased to see her other series and standalones as they are just as good to read and keep the other novels fresh. This is no exception; Andrea Oliver has just graduated as a US Marshal and has been given her first assignment. Andrea is no ordinary marshal because Andrea's dad is no ordinary man. Her new assignment takes her back to her dad's roots and puts her in grave danger. Can Andrea solve a forty year old murder and save herself in the process.

Kerry Bridges

The best Karin Slaughter book I’ve read. Completely gripping - you won’t want to put it down!

Girl, Forgotten is an intriguing crime thriller by Karin Slaughter. Andrea is a newly qualified US Marshall but as a result of her imprisoned father’s crimes she is also in Witness Protection. We join her as she graduates from training and receives her first assignment.

The story is set in a small town where Andrea tries to address a present-day crime and 40-year old mystery, both of which are linked. It is told from two points of view - Emily in 1982 and Andrea in 2022 - and I thought this was done very effectively. Both women encounter aggression and manipulation from the same people, 40 years apart. It’s a fast-paced thriller with some poignant moments and clever insights into the dynamics of tightly knit friendship groups.

I’ve previously read a few of Karin Slaughter’s other crime tales (which often form part of a longer series) but I thought that this was her best book by far. The story was brilliantly told and the characters were credible. Although Andrea was a flawed character (which seems to go with the territory of crime thrillers!) her back story was unusual and original. I think that Girl, Forgotten would appeal to a wide range of readers.

Annie Day

A good ending and well set up for the next episode!

Andrea Oliver, now a US Marshall, is given her first role to protect Judge Esther Vaughn. Her daughter, Emily, a pregnant 17 year old, was murdered in 1982. Andrea has a personal reason as well for investigating this cold case - her father is on the list of suspects.

I had not read the previous book with Andrea Oliver - whilst I missed knowing some of her background story - I was able to empathise with her as she starts her new role as a US Marshall and is manoeuvred into the role of providing security for Judge Esther Vaughn who has received credible death threats. She is mentored by Leonard Bible and his boss and Deputy Chief Cecilia Compton. Bible’s upbeat approach and rules are the only lighter moments in this dark book.

Alongside the cold case, they investigate the apparent suicide of a volunteer at a nearby farm where young women are starved and brainwashed into submission.

The story moves between the events of 1982, when Emily is drugged and finds herself pregnant with no knowledge of the father, investigating her friends and teacher but unable to complete her investigation before her murder, and the present day investigation by Andrea and Bible. 

The content of this book is dark - Emily is drugged and left pregnant with no knowledge of who is the father. She is left devastated and ostracised by her friends and local community. She tries to investigate but is murdered before she can complete her task. Andrea has to look into her clique of friends - all unpleasant - and her teacher, Dean Wexler to find out the truth.

The fact that I did not know Andrea’s background made it more difficult to initially empathise with her and  get to grips with her character. However, once I was about halfway through I became more invested and could not put it down. A good ending and well set up for the next episode!

Heather Howarth

Another fantastic, gripping book that will not disappoint Karin Slaughter fans and I'm already eagerly awaiting her next one.

I've read almost all of Karin Slaughter's books in the past few months and I love how she ceems to be able to offer everything: well-rounded characters you love and thier personal relationships, gripping investigations of dark crimes that always seem to have a sting in the tail and are perfectly suited to the best crime thrillers.

Girl, Forgotten is no exception. We pick up Andrea's story years after the dramatic events of Pieces of Her. Recently graduated as a US Marshall, Andrea's first job takes her to the edge of her psychopathic father's sphere once more. Andrea's first assignement is to protect Judge Esther Vaughn against the death threats she's been recieved but Andrea and her new partner Leonard 'Catfish' Bible a drawn into the suicide of a volunteer of the local farm, and the death of the the Judge's daughter Emily, in 1982. 

I can't wait to read more about Andrea, to see her relationship with Mike and her partnership with Bible develop. Girl,Forgotten is another fantastic, gripping book that will not disappoint Karin Slaughter fans and I'm already eagerly awaiting her next one. 

Charlotte Walker

One of my favourite storytellers Karin Slaughter knows how to create brilliant characters you like, love, and respect. And she’s certainly done it again with Andrea Oliver and Leonard Bible.

Andrea is 24 hours into being appointed a US Marshall fresh with her silver star after months of gruelling training, physical discipline and intense study. Along with her new partner Catfish Bible she has 2 cases to solve: a 40 year old murder of 17 year old Emily Vaughn and protect a judge receiving death threats.

It a thrill-a-minute story that pulls multiple storylines into one satisfying conclusion. It’s a crime thriller of all thrillers as Slaughter is known to do, and I love every jaw-dropping moment as she drops information piece by piece and the jigsaw starts to take shape. I do hope we get to meet Oliver again…Soon!

Deborah Maclaren

The second book with new detective Andrea Oliver. Another thrilling, seat of your pants read from the master author that is Karin Slaughter.

So excited to get my hands on a copy of this. I love Karin's writing style. She is able to envelope you in the story so well that you actually live it. She manages to get the descriptions of all the senses in without you even realising that you are reading them, but making sure that you FEEL everything.
This is the story of Andrea Oliver, a freshly graduated Deputy of the United States Marshall Service. She has graduated highly, beating many of the men in her group with her fitness levels and abilities and is about to set out on her very first case, which turns out to be exceedingly close to home. She finds her partner is a well seasoned USMS pro named Leonard "Catfish" Bible and she isn't quite sure how much she can trust him.
The two of them have been put on babysitting duty of a local Judge in a small town called Longbill Beach. However, Andrea is also working quietly on another case. She needs to find out what happened to Emily Vaughn, an 18 year old who was mysteriously killed forty years ago.
The story has lots of plot twists and surprises to keep you hanging right to the very end.
If you haven't read any of the inimitable Karin Slaughter's books, I urge you to get out there and get on with it! You don't know what you're missing!

Amanda O'Dwyer

I strongly recommend this book. For me it ticks all the boxes for a satisfying and enjoyable read.

Karin Slaughter is an author whose books are notably readable, reliable and well plotted. Her plots seem to be pitched very carefully, so they are easy to follow without being over simplified or over complicated. They just flow. 'Girl, Forgotten' slots very nicely into this genre. It deals with a mystery that began forty years ago when a young unmarried girl, Emily, becomes pregnant and is subsequently killed. The book centres on who killed Emily and takes place both in 1981 and in the present day, when US Marshall, Andrea Oliver, is sent to Longbill Beach to protect a judge who has received death threats. Andrea has already heard about this cold case and thinks she might be able to solve it herself. The judge is part of the mystery. I strongly recommend the book. For me it ticks all the boxes for a satisfying and enjoyable read.

maxine broadbent

Another winner from one of today's great thriller writers...Karin Slaughter. Though it continues Andrea's story from previously, 'Girl, Forgotten' can be read and fully appreciated without having read 'Pieces of Her' first .

'Girl, Forgotten', I don't think so. Though 40 years have elapsed since the unsolved murder of pregnant, high school student Emily Vaughn, she still affects the lives of so many people in so many different ways. Her parents, who are still desperate to find her killer. Her 'friends', who are equally desperate to make sure the truth never comes to light. And Andrea, a newly fledged US Marshal, who is charged, ostensibly with protecting the Vaughns, but is really there to deliver what they want for her own ends.
This is a story of 'family', complete strangers bound together but driven apart by the blood in their veins and the blood that has been spilt. It is an in depth analysis of character and relationships, an exploration of aggressive control, domestic violence, psychological pressure and group dynamics. A shocking but completely compelling read that you won't be able to put down.
At the end of the day, Andrea fulfils her brief but not in a way that meets her needs this space!

Drena Irish

A book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and is impossible to put down.

Girl, Forgotten is a brilliant murder, suspense, thriller, detective novel seamlessly linking two time periods - 1982 and present day and uniting two disparate yet connected females - Emily and Andrea.
A riveting story that keeps you guessing. A book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and is impossible to put down.
It is a story that touches your heart and one that will never be forgotten.

Jill Mary Barton

A slow burn which is then unputdownable!!

Another blockbuster from Karin Slaughter. The Witness Protection is a theme that seems to be driving her newer books. To begin with I did think it resembled Pieces of Her a lot but give it time and it's unputdownable!!  

Katie Levers

Karin Slaughter Press Reviews

Praise for Karin Slaughter

'Heart-stopping one moment, heart-breaking the next. Slaughter at her finest' Cara Hunter, author of All the Rage

'Her heroines are believable, flawed and courageous' Oyinkan Braithwaite, author of My Sister, The Serial Killer

'Absorbing' Sunday Times

'I'd follow her anywhere' Gillian Flynn

'One of the boldest thriller writers working today' Tess Gerritsen

'Her characters, plot, and pacing are unrivalled' Michael Connelly

'Passion, intensity, and humanity' Lee Child

'A writer of extraordinary talents' Kathy Reichs

'Fiction doesn't get any better than this' Jeffery Deaver

'A great writer at the peak of her powers' Peter James

'Karin Slaughter has - by far - the best name of all of us mystery novelists' James Patterson

'It's big, dark, rich, satisfying, and bloody - like a perfectly cooked steak' Stuart MacBride

'The queen of the explosive thriller' Good Housekeeping

'Dizzyingly dark and breathlessly compelling, False Witness is both a deeply textured crime mystery and a moving commentary on life in America during the current health crisis. Utterly unforgettable' B. P. Walter, author of The Dinner Guest

'Rich characters and deft plotting make this an unputdownable story that will move you to the core. This is Slaughter's best yet' Camilla Lackberg, author of the Fjallbacka series

'A twisty, searingly contemporary mystery steeped in a dark past...catches your breath and keeps you gasping and guessing until the end' Stacey Abrams, author of While Justice Sleeps

'Karin Slaughter is a master of the thriller genre' Francesca Momplaisir, author of My Mother's House

'Gripping, gruesome and emotionally powerful, this is Slaughter doing what she does best' Mail on Sunday

'As sharp and absorbing as ever' Guardian

'Slaughter's novel is both a page-turner and a protest about how often sexual violence is overlooked' Sunday Times

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ISBN: 9780008303563
Publication date: 23/06/2022
Format: Hardback

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