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by Karin Slaughter

Girl, Forgotten

Girl, Forgotten

Author: Karin Slaughter Format: Hardback Release Date: 23/06/2022

Fiercely relevant storytelling spearheaded by integrity carves out a slice of the past as it highlights the victim of murder. US Marshal Andrea Oliver’s first mission to protect a judge receiving death threats, is a cover to solve a 40 year old crime and prevent the release of a domestic terrorist. Best-selling Karin Slaughter is one of my go-to authors, she writes furiously readable books that not only thrill, they delve into the heart of what it is to be human. Girl Forgotten continues on from the fabulous Pieces Of Her and you really do need to read them in order to fully appreciate the story. Karin Slaughter so knows how to hook and spin your attention. She takes you back and forth in time, it’s almost painful to read, knowing that Emily has died, yet still experiencing her life. Reading witness statements from the first crime, years ahead in the future, cleverly merges the two time frames and brings the past even more vividly to life. Both storylines are incredibly strong, each demanding your full attention, each independently moving forward yet linked. The present day juggles the murder and death threats, while sitting in the background is the reason for Andrea’s assignment. Andrea’s new partner Leonard Bible is just fabulous, and brings some light-hearted moments into play. I really would like to see more of Andrea and Bible, and the ending suggests there may be more to come. A riveting and rewarding read, Girl Forgotten ensures you remain on full alert throughout. 

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