Double Booked

by Lily Lindon

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LoveReading Expert Review of Double Booked

A book with a great hook; this debut's set-up is comedy gold

Of the many books birthed in the pandemic, Lily Lindon’s Double Booked is perhaps one of the funniest. Dubbed a queer romcom, the book is also a coming-of-age story for those who’ve outgrown their teens and are well on the way to adulthood. It makes Double Booked a refreshing take on self-discovery, a subject normally the preserve of the very young. We follow Gina as she takes on another self, George, in an attempt to live two different lives. Alongside the funnies is plenty of fizz. There’s an infectious energy to Lindon’s writing and every pages brims with real-life chat/goss/angst/love. As an editor working in publishing and someone who honed her comedic chops at Cambridge’s famous Footlights, the author is somewhat ‘double booking’ herself – and it’s paid off wonderfully.

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Julie Vuong

Double Booked Synopsis

Gina is about to marry her boyfriend.

George is about to join a cult lesbian pop band.

Gina and George are the same person.

No wonder Georgina is DOUBLE BOOKED

A fresh, timely and genuinely laugh-out-loud romantic comedy about a sensible young woman in a long-term relationship who realises she's bisexual.

Georgina is a sensible 26-year-old with a routine:

1) schedule dates with long-term boyfriend,

2) teach piano to inept children, and

3) repeat until dead.


But when one night she deviates from her usual timetable and sees the indie lesbian pop band Phase, Georgina realises:

1) she longs to play her own music again,

2) she wants to be just like them, and

3) their drummer is really hot...

Scared of losing her happy straight life, but feeling a new sense of belonging in the gay scene, she does what any rational person would do: she splits herself in two. She'll be Gina by day, George by night. It's going to take painstaking scheduling, a versatile wardrobe, and an ambiguous haircut, but maybe Georgina really can have both?


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Double Booked Reader Reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title.

Funny, emotional and enjoyable.

Double Booked follows Gina as she navigates what it means to be bisexual while being in a long term relationship. I loved Doug, he was sweet and considerate and the matching calendars really made me chuckle, as my husband puts everything on his!

Gina becomes George when she joins a lesbian group and then struggles with her double life, there is a lot of indecisiveness and hiding parts of herself from others. This was a little frustrating at times as you just want her to be herself. She doesn't always get it right but I did enjoy following the journey with her.

It was interesting to read about a character that is questioning their sexuality and who they are.

The ending was lovely and definitely emotional.

I enjoyed this booked and will definitely look out for further work by this author.


Amazingly funny even when dealing with difficult decisions. A very unusual take on how to deal with modern life

What an amazing and funny book! The title refers to the different lives Gina/George has. Gina is engaged to Doug and due to marry whilst George is preparing to become part of a lesbian pop group. They are the same person. If that sounds a bit complicated, the writing style is smooth and deals with serious issues and happenings easily and with humour. The novel flows seamlessly through the different events that help Gina/George decide what she really wants to do with her life - and it is very funny even whilst dealing with the problems she experiences. It reads partly as a diary so the reader always understands exactly what Gina/George is feeling and thinking. Her sometimes chaotic planning only adds to the story. I wholly recommend this as a novel worth reading plus the writing flows beautifully.

maxine broadbent

I adored this book!

I adored this book! Right from the opening sentence the author had me hooked, and I found myself speeding through it in just a few days. The writing style was light and breezy, and really honest, and I found myself staying up late to ‘just read the next chapter’!

Lily has a talent for writing in a way that makes you feel like you can empathise with each character and understand their different struggles. The story line was fresh and different to anything I’ve read recently, and I genuinely couldn’t guess how certain storylines were going to go. Five stars from me! 

Lucy Caruana

Coming out to yourself and others, open relationships, grief and friendship. Contemporary and relatable with a lot of laughs to be had as well as points to make.

Gina (Georgina) has a great life. Already mid-twenties and settled! Perfect boyfriend Doug. A shared calendar for date nights, bath nights and even Sunday snuggles. Alright, she doesn't really put her heart into her job as piano teacher, she still misses the band she used to be a part of. But she's happy...

As you can imagine, a spanner needs throwing in Gina's works to spark the plot. And that spanner is a lesbian bar, an all-female band, a hot female musician and a best friend trying to make her see her denied self.

Soon Gina finds she's unwittingly created a second identity - George - to fit in with this new crowd. She wants both worlds. She wants to explore who she is. She really REALLY wants Kit. But can she really have it all?

I'm not a huge rom-com fan, but I did like the idea of a young woman exploring her own identity, and in this book, the portrayal of LBGTQ+ culture was also something I was keen to read more about. Seeing archetypes played out in a gay context (potentially the one-night-stander, and the quiet/shy one who admires from afar) was quite eye-opening.

Gina/George is sympathetic. Her backstory reveals itself slowly and was touching. Mum, friend and boyfriend get their moments and scenes to take a central role as well. And I just loved the piano teaching scenes and Gina's students.

Enjoyable, even if you think you know where things are going.

Katy Kelly

Can you really live 2 different lives at the same time? Or will it cause chaos and confusion when those 2 lives collide?

Georgina thought she was happy & settled in life but then one night she sees things differently. Who is she and what does she want... is it possible to have it all. Georgina becomes Gina & George with very different lifestyles. When she tries to combine them - will everyone understand & get on or will chaos loom.

Cathy Small

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Publication date: 09/06/2022
Format: Hardback

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About Lily Lindon

Lily Lindon is a writer and editorliving in London. She studied English at Cambridge, where she wrote, directed, and performed in theatre and comedy shows with the Footlights, at the Edinburgh Fringe, and across the US. She then worked at Penguin Random House, where she published the Vintage Classics' Love Letters of Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West. Currently, she's an Editor on creative writing courses at The Novelry and hosts Wit Lit, an interview podcast about funny books. She won a Comedy Women in Print Prize for 'funniest sex scene', an award she is still ...

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