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Arthur and Teddy Are Coming Out

"A heart-warming story about coming out, finding love in later life, intergenerational bonds, and being true to yourself."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Super-cute, super-accessible, and suffused in the cheering truth that there’s no age limit to finding love and living free, Ryan Love’s Arthur and Teddy are Coming Out tells a heart-warming story of a grandfather and grandson who decide to come out. While it doesn’t shirk from presenting homophobia at its most shattering, this is, above all, a charming feel-good novel that brims with family drama and the warm-hearted glow of following your heart. In fact, through its easy-to-read, relatable style and loveable lead characters, this story wears its heart loud and proud on its sleeve.

At the grand age of 79, after a lifetime of loving the woman he married, a woman he still loves and has support from, Arthur gathers his family to announce he’s gay. While his children are left reeling by this unexpected bombshell, especially his daughter, who takes the news terribly, Arthur’s 21-year-old grandson Teddy is struggling to come out himself, just as he’s starting to fall for a new colleague. Seeing his mum’s reaction to Arthur’s announcement sets him back, but he’s always had a lovely relationship with Arthur and confides in him.

Though the road has plenty of bumps, with painful past experiences of homophobia related by Arthur, and prejudice still having devastating effects in the present, this is a wonderfully romantic tale of two men finding their way to fabulously fresh new lives, with support from loved ones.

Joanne Owen

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