Good Friends Are Hard To Come By

Action Adventure Thriller and Suspense

LoveReading Expert Review of Good Friends Are Hard To Come By

This is an entertaining action-filled read.

 There’s a reference to The Magnificent Seven in ‘Good Friends Are Hard to Come By’ by Douglas Buckland, and the dynamics throughout contains echoes of that epic western showdown. After being contacted by private intelligence, Jeb sees an opportunity to leave his Oil drilling job in Cape Town and make it home to his home in Colorado. His new role as a consultant Drilling Superintendent provides the perfect cover and travel opportunities to be an undeclared agent. Told throughout in quite a lighthearted, conversational tone, Jeb recalls his training as an agent as well as challenging encounter in Kurdistan, but the main action for the plot comes when one of his motley crew of friends finds his troubles have followed him from Philadelphia and the whole unit must act in order to keep him and his loved ones safe. An entertaining story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The author either has an in depth knowledge of guns or has put in a considerable amount of research to make Jeb and TJ’s handling of the various weapons featured detailed and believable. The same can be said for the knowledge of cars demonstrated throughout due to Jeb’s passion for refurbishing muscle cars and Rachel’s business. There’s plenty of blue-tinged humour throughout to counteract the more serious moments, and I think that the author does really well to create a sense of community and family between the characters. In all, this is an entertaining action-filled read.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

Good Friends Are Hard To Come By Synopsis

Jeb's chance meeting in South Africa with a private intelligence agent means that the possibility of returning to his old ranch in Colorado is now a reality. The days of living in Africa drilling for oil are over. Back in the States, Jeb opens an automotive restoration and hot rodding shop in a small town near his ranch. One morning he finds a stunning woman waiting for him at the shop. Rachel wants to take over the business leaving Jeb as a silent partner. Jeb and his new 'partner with benefits' become the nucleus of an eclectic group of friends. Each one brings a different skill set to the crew, some are legal, others definitely not! When one of the crew tangles with an Irish gang from back East, the others know it's time to act. If they do not resolve the issue, their friend and a young woman's life will become nothing but a memory. An old Basque sheepherder, with mysterious ties to the Cosa Nostra, provides the adult supervision, shrewed intelligence and assets to allow Jeb's crew to outplay the opposition and get everyone's life back on track. In this case, the ends justify the means, but the means are somewhat uncivilized and highly illegal.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781914965081
Publication date: 9th August 2021
Publisher: Mirador Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 260 pages
Primary Genre Action Adventure
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ISBN: 9781914965081
Publication date: 09/08/2021
Format: Paperback

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