by Tony Marturano

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A chilling supernatural page-turner.

The second book in the series ‘Haunted’ by Tony Marturano continues the story of Marco Battista who, after the events of the first book, heads to the small village of Porthcoe with his wife to recuperate and renovate his late father’s holiday home. It is encouraged before and as you start reading that you begin the ‘Haunted’ series with book number one: Psychosis, and it is something I would also recommend as the events of that first book are referred to a lot.

This is a tense thriller filled with ghosts, secrets and questions. I liked the style of narration, for the duration of this book we the reader are a constant confidant to Marco as he tells us of the strange occurrences within the house, even seeking confirmation at times which sent me scooting back up the page to double check. I felt like this added to the creepiness and at least in a bookish sense had me double checking every corner and looking over my shoulder as I read. Also, the references to the events in the previous book, even for those that haven’t read it, suggests that Marco may be an unreliable narrator which is something I liked for adding tension and uncertainty to the story. 

Tension, strange dreams, a couple that enjoy jumpscaring each other and the jumpscares built into the plot all amount to a brilliant horror story, ideal for the darker winter months. The scene with the moth still sends shivers up my spine even after I’ve finished reading, eugh! With the addition of character developments and a storyline that you can get invested in (this book is most certainly not all about the scare), I think that this is a brilliantly thrilling, page-turning horror.

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HAUNTED Synopsis

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SEE the terror. FEAR the truth. 

Their therapist told them that a mutual project would be useful. That it would help them reconnect. Heal.

That’s why when Marco Battista inherits a highly desirable property perched on a clifftop location in the idyllic fishing village of Porthcove, he and his wife see it as the perfect opportunity to turn their lives around.

The plan is simple. Move-in, renovate, and get the property sold in time for Christmas. 

Now, they just need to survive what's inside. 

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ISBN: 9780954013776
Publication date: 16th November 2020
Author: Tony Marturano
Publisher: A Different Angle
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Horror and supernatural fiction
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ISBN: 9780954013776
Publication date: 16/11/2020
Format: Paperback

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