From A Position Of Strength

by Sean Heary

Thriller and Suspense

LoveReading Expert Review of From A Position Of Strength

I thought that this was a gripping read and it’s another great addition to the series.

Former head of the Vatican police Lorenzo Rossi is back in ‘From a Position of Strength’ by Sean Heary. Following his previous escapades in ‘The Concordat’ and ‘The Circle-A Killings’, Rossi and his ex-fiancée CIA agent Cathy Doherty must work to uncover why a Russian agent crashed on a quiet road leading to Rossi’s family farm. Although this isn’t the first opportunity we’ve had to meet Rossi and Doherty, I don't think you necessarily need to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy ‘From a Position of Strength’. However you may want to start with ‘The Concordat’ to watch the full relationship dynamic between Rossi and Doherty unfold over the course of the series. This is an action packed story filled with espionage, double and triple agents, disinformation and a plot that, if genuine, could lead to the end of the world as we know it. ‘From a Position of Strength’ is most definitely full to the brim with lots of twists along the way, as the characters work to reveal the truth, and discover who are actually their allies. I thought that this was a gripping read and it’s another great addition to the series.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

From A Position Of Strength Synopsis

Lying by the pool under a clear Tuscan sky, LORENZO ROSSI, the former head of the Vatican police, receives a surprise visit from his ex-fiancée, CIA Agent, CATHY DOHERTY. Cathy is concerned for Rossi’s safety. Three nights ago, a Russian GRU agent, ELENA TRUSOVA, was critically injured in a car accident on a remote road leading to Rossi’s place. ROSSI ensures CATHY the proximity of the accident is pure coincidence, but agrees to investigate after CATHY revealed TRUSOVA is a double agent working for the CIA. With a little digging, they establish the incident was no accident. Someone had tried to murder TRUSOVA to prevent her meeting with ROSSI. But why? With the help of TRUSOVA’S friends and lovers, ROSSI and CATHY piece together a gold mine of intelligence. Chief exhibit was a Presidential Memorandum instructing the National Security Council to draw up plans for a pre-emptive nuclear first-strike against the Chinese. Problem was, with TRUSOVA in hospital in a comatose condition, and not knowing who they could trust in the CIA, ROSSI and CATHY had no way of knowing if the document was genuine or good old fashion Russian disinformation.

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ISBN: 9781800466623
Publication date: 13th September 2021
Author: Sean Heary
Publisher: Matador
Format: Ebook
Primary Genre Thriller and Suspense

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ISBN: 9781800466623
Publication date: 13/09/2021
Format: Ebook

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