For Brito!

by RD Morris

Dystopian Fiction

LoveReading Expert Review of For Brito!

I saw this as a modern take on 1984, ‘For Brito’ by RD Morris follows Everley, a dedicated Brito operative, savagely opposed to the unworking ‘InOps’ in society and dedicated to giving his time, energy and life for his country. In a world following Brexit and multiple waves of a pandemic, the country formerly known as Great Britain turns spectacularly insular, with it’s loyal and patriotic workforce now named operatives and living strictly rationed and regimented lives in service to Brito.

As with any brilliant dystopian fiction, there’s enough fact here to make this future country plausible. With Brito’s history including WWII, Brexit as well as anti-immigration feeling and apathy towards the homeless and those receiving state support. ‘For Brito’ muses on the possibility of these nationalist, unforgiving and intolerant values and ideas becoming the british consensus in a way that leads us to an isolated country, where those who don’t work are expendable, and sometimes violently killed. 

As with 1984 or The Handmaid's Tale, and other great dystopian fiction, the status quo soon receives a shake-up. Initially, I was eager to read to find out which aspects of society the author had escalated and warped in order to create the very believable Brito I saw before me on the page. As I continued to read I was immersed and intrigued by Everley’s story, wondering what would happen to him at the end. The characters are interesting and well-rounded and I thought the plot was well-paced, detailed and immersive.

This is a brilliant and gripping dystopian fiction with lots of tension and moments for understanding to dawn. I think this would be a great recommendation for fans of 1984 specifically and dystopian fiction more widely. I am interested in seeing what the author writes next.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

For Brito! Synopsis

The year is 2059 and Great Britain is dead.

Now, you will live and die for Brito.

How dark will this dystopia be?

Described as delightfully unsettling dystopian fiction that is far too close to home, For Brito! is a daring book that takes recent political events and projects them into the near future to examine potential consequences.

It's a reform like no other. You're in Britain, but it's different. All borders are blocked, society has shrunk and the people are driven by a public purpose. A purpose, that is, programmed by the regime.

BRITO has enslaved the population by destroying individuality and replacing it with a devout dedication to the nation. Class, race and difference have disappeared and all that remains are those that work and those that do not. By any means necessary, a corrupt chain of command manipulate the 'Operatives' to function, while their sole enemies are the unemployed 'InOps'.

When Operative Everley bonds with a non-worker, his feelings wriggle free from the clutch of the commanding hand that controls his mind. His changes in behaviour are spotted by the immoral eyes of his aged superior, Raines, whose wistful yearning for Great Britain causes him to bring an impatient violence to his management style. All the while, a member of an underground organisation is watching and wanting to free Everley before he is banished, brainwashed or ordered to death.

For Brito! is a story about the endurance of the human spirit and the development of character despite a regime of manipulation, supervision and control. If you love 1984, Brave New World, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Children of Men and A Clockwork Orange, this one is for you!

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About This Edition

ISBN: 9781838375003
Publication date: 27th January 2021
Author: RD Morris
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 336 pages
Primary Genre Dystopian Fiction

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An excellent book by an author with a vision.

An excellent book by an author with a vision. An all too real world is brought to life by a writer who has the foresight and ability to world build something that is living, breathing and plausible. Amazing!! 

Soph Jayne Ufton

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ISBN: 9781838375003
Publication date: 27/01/2021
Format: Paperback

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