Not so Black and White

by Sylvia Vetta, Nancy Mudenyo Hunt

Children's & YA Fiction Sharing Diverse Voices

LoveReading Expert Review of Not so Black and White

Set in London and Kenya, this tackles issues of race, nationality and gang violence alongside a story of personal conflict, growth and love.

Exploring racial and cultural tensions in London (especially between African and African-Caribbean communities), and arranged marriage and the education of girls in Kenya, Not So Black and White is a timely, pacey, personal novel. Essentially aimed at teenagers, but with adult main protagonists, this could prompt empathy-building discussion while promoting cultural understanding and exchange.

Precious left Kenya for London six years ago and now advises the Metropolitan Police as a leadership and diversity trainer. From the outset, the vital importance of cultural awareness is highlighted when an officer is surprised to learn that “in Africa, children are taught that it’s rude to look an adult in the eye, but here you think someone looks guilty if they don’t look you in the eye.” Working with a committed young community officer, Precious is involved with a number of vibrant initiatives when a promising book-loving Ghanaian boy she knows falls victim to gang violence. After forming a bond (and more) with Adrian, a journalist covering the story, Precious opens up about her difficult childhood in Kenya, revealing the inequalities and domestic violence meted out by her tribal leader father. When Precious is compelled to revisit her Kenyan village with Adrian at her side, she faces difficulties from her past alongside present cultural conflicts. Back in London, both their lives changed, a ground-breaking initiative sees Precious unite different communities across London and Kenya.

With proceeds of book sales going to The Nasio Trust, an inspirational charity that empowers communities in western Kenya through providing education, improving health, and developing commerce through sustainable income generating projects, this was co-authored by The Nasio Trust’s CEO, Nancy Mudenyo Hunt, and partly based on her personal experiences, which explains the personal insights threaded through the novel.

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Not so Black and White Synopsis

Despite tackling knife crime and fractured community relations in a sink estate in London and patriarchy in Western Kenya, Not so Black and White is a heart-warming and compelling read. It shines a light on how empowerment transforms lives and its characters of every skin colour and origin are unforgettable.

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Publication date: 28th May 2020
Author: Sylvia Vetta, Nancy Mudenyo Hunt
Publisher: The Nasio Trust
Format: Ebook
Primary Genre Children's & YA Fiction
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Sylvia Vetta  Freelance writer, author and speaker, Sylvia Vetta took up writing and broadcasting on art and antiques in 1998 when she began writing features for the award-winning magazine of The Oxford Times. She went on to write for four magazines on art, history and science-related events. Sylvia Vetta has a lifelong passion for China. Her extensive interviews with Stars art movement founder, Qu Leilei, inspired her to write Brushstrokes in Time. Her long-running profile series, Oxford Castaways, has been compiled into two books. Reflecting her interest in China, castaway interviewees have included Lord Patten of Barnes, the last governor ...

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