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Enchanted Realms

by Valan Peters

Historical Fiction

LoveReading View on Enchanted Realms

'Enchanted Realms' is a simply told tale, describing events following 1066, as the Normans bulldozed their way over England. I must confess to not being quite sure how to categorise this book because it feels like a historical fantasy novel, yet Valan Peters' Introduction quite clearly states that she had a psychic experience which led to her writing this “true story of long ago”. Warring and raping their way across Shropshire two Norman knights meet mystical figures who encourage them to follow a more peaceful path and fight “the prince of darkness”. Their two children marry and carry the battle into the Crusades before a very abrupt and surprising ending. Even with all the violence, there is an innocent naivety to be found in the pages, this actually feels like a recounting of events with moments of otherworldliness, and may appeal to people exploring a spiritual path.

Enchanted Realms Synopsis

Not just another fantasy, but a tale combined with historical fact that will leave you wondering...Unlike other tales of fantasy, Enchanted Realms ties historical facts with fiction in an effort to suggest to readers that this tale of magic and mysticism could be true. The story weaves the tale of two men rewarded for their bravery after the Battle of Hastings. They are given land close to the Princedoms of Wales and, on their journey to their new lands, the men encounter a stranger who prophesised the births of each man's child. He tells them that these children will be instructed in the secrets of magic and the ancient mysteries. Over the years all his foretelling comes to pass. Inspired by authors such as Teilhard de Chardin, J. R. R. Tolkien, and J. K. Rowling, Enchanted Realms is a historical novel woven with visionary fantasy to create a unique read.

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All versions of this book

ISBN: 9781784624019
Publication date: 28/11/2015
Publisher: Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9781784624019
Publication date: 28th November 2015
Author: Valan Peters
Publisher: Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 256 pages
Genres: Historical Fiction,
Categories: Historical fiction,

About Valan Peters

Originally from Middlesex, Valan Peters is a retired teacher who has lived in France for the past ten years. She is also a qualified complementary therapist, and riding instructor. As an instructor she witnessed her first example of the extraordinary when a horse, dying of tetanus, miraculously recovered after receiving distant healing. Valan later became a healer and studied spiritual philosophies that led to knowledge of a past life and to the birth of the book.

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