Beneath the Lake

by Christopher Ransom

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Beneath the Lake Synopsis

Thirty Years Ago On a camping trip by a remote lake, the Mercer family enjoyed the vacation of a lifetime - until a violent tragedy forced them to make a decision that would haunt them for ever. This Summer When the younger Mercers learn their father is dying, the family reunites at the lake, seeking a second chance to put their lives back together. But something is waiting ...Four Days of Hell. Also arriving at the lake are estranged son Raymond Mercer and an alluring stranger, Megan, both ignorant of the family's secrets. Within hours, they are all trapped in a relentless nightmare and fighting for their lives.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780751551310
Publication date: 24th March 2016
Author: Christopher Ransom
Publisher: Sphere an imprint of Little, Brown Book Group
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 464 pages
Primary Genre Horror and supernatural fiction
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ISBN: 9780751551310
Publication date: 24/03/2016
Format: Paperback

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About Christopher Ransom

Christopher Ransom was born and went to university in Colorado, but moved to New York and then LA with his wife to pursue various careers such as selling ads for media magazines and screenwriting. They then bought a 140-year-old birthing house in Wisconsin, where he wrote this, his first novel.

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