by Daisy Waugh

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LoveReading Expert Review of Honeyville

December 2014 Book of the Month.

Set in 1913 and 1933 in Colorado and Hollywood amid the miners’ strike and unrest and later the opulent life of the film industry.  At the centre of the tale is an unsolved murder which eventually is solved in quite an ingenious way.  Our murdered victim was a strong supporter of the labour movement and there is lots of fascinating detail of that period, of the poverty and hunger plus the lives of prostitutes in the 1913s.  It is based on a real event.



Honeyville Synopsis

A hooker. A mistress. A murder. This town was built on sin. This is a time when the corrupt ruled. This is a place that is rotten to the core. This is the story of two women, only one of whom lives to tell the tale. Trinidad, Colorado 1913: the only town for a thousand miles where prostitution is still legal. This is a town that is living by its own rules, a society that is upside down, where the corrupt rule and money flows. But beneath the glitter and the gaiety, bitter unrest is building. This story follows two women, both trying to make their way in a frontier town built and run for men. One lives within society's boundaries: a decent, rich life, behind lace curtains. The other is a celebrated hooker. Based on a real-life event - a massacre of women and children - so brutal it stopped America in its tracks.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780007431779
Publication date: 20th November 2014
Author: Daisy Waugh
Publisher: Harper an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Family Drama
Other Genres:

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Honeyville Reader Reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title.

  • Vanessa Wild – 'An imaginative, fascinating and cleverly plotted story...This is the first novel I have read by Daisy Waugh and it won't be my last!' Read full review >
  • Angela O'Donovan - 'Engrossing, I could not put it down.' Read full review >
  • Jane Gilman - 'A murder to be solved alongside the portrayal of the real event of a brutal massacre keeps the reader engaged and guessing to the end.' Read full review >
  • Andrea Dean - 'a thoroughly absorbing book...Readers will not be disappointed.' Read full review >
  • Vikki Patis - 'Waugh shows us everything - the sadness, the desperation, the short-lived joy - in an extraordinary way. Waugh is most certainly an author with an amazing talent.Honeyville is an absolute must-read.' Read full review >
  • Carolyn Huckfield - 'This is a shocking story told with an even handed compassion by a writer who tries to let us make up our own minds about the events...I would recommend this to anybody who wants a beautiful written and shocking read.' Read full review >
  • Jan Kirkcaldy - 'Complex, different and enjoyable it was a very good read.  The characters and events conjured up a feeling for that period in American history and was very interesting. I’d certainly recommend it.' Read full review >
  • Sheila Dale - 'The blend of fact and fiction works well and gives a fascinating and somewhat unnerving account of the battle between Unions and workers in Trinidad, Colorado.' Read full review >
  • Jennifer Moville - 'This is a book of tears and sadness and glamour and thrills - keeping you wanting more. I would recommend others try this book.' Read full review >
  • Lorraine Baker - 'The book was easy to read and flowed along but it could have been a little bit stronger in its story line...Still I enjoyed it and engaged with the characters.' Read full review >
  • Kerry Bridges - 'Sold strictly as a novel, this is a story of friendship and pulling together in hard times; sold as based on historical fact, it is much less clear cut.'  Read full review >
  • Gavin Dimmock - 'A terrific tale set in 1913 amidst violence, murder, civil unrest and great friendship between the most unlikely of people. What a read! What an absolute sheer delight.' Read full review >
  • Sara McLaughlin - 'This book is fantastic!...There are lots of elements to this story; romance, conflict, deception and even some politics...Highly recommended.' Read full review >

Daisy Waugh Press Reviews

Praise for Melting the Snow on Hester Street:




'The delicately constructed plot keeps you guessing until the end ... Waugh creates the early

Hollywood world with verve and conviction in this taut, clever and moving novel.'



'Dazzlingly evoked.'

-Sunday Times


'A lubricious new novel ... period charm and sexual intrigue.'

'A dizzy tale about greed, love, fame and money ****.'



'Gripping, glamorous and poignant, it's a cracking tale that will keep you hooked from beginning to end'

'Sunset Boulevard meets Nancy Mitford.'

'This reminded me of Liza Klaussmann's Tigers in Red Weather... a great companion piece for all the Gatsby fuss around this month... An absorbing, glamorous read.'
-Viv Groskop, RED BOOK CLUB

'Gripping... powerful, evocative'


'Waugh blends fact and fiction in an intoxicating tale of life under the glittering veneer of Tinsel Town.'

-Daily Record


Praise for Last Dance with Valentino

'A gripping, bittersweet love story.'

'Impeccably researched and beautifully-written'

'Daisy Waugh delivers her engaging tale with wit and a real lightness of touch'

'Written in deft, engrossing prose, this story is dizzy with glamour and heartbreak'

'Waugh weaves fact with fiction into a novel with glamour, tragedy and romance'

'It's intelligent, inventive and deliciously entertaining.'

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ISBN: 9780007431779
Publication date: 20/11/2014
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780007543861
Publication date: 22/09/2014
Format: Ebook

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About Daisy Waugh

Daisy Waugh was our Guest Editor in September 2013 - click here - to see the books that inspired her writing.   Daisy Waugh is a journalist and travel writer. She has worked as an agony aunt and as a restaurant critic. She was a teacher at a girl’s school in Northern Kenya and has also written a weekly column from Los Angeles about her attempts to become a Hollywood scriptwriter. Daisy and her family of five live in London.   Click here to read the 'Ask the Author' feature on Daisy Waugh.   Author photo © Paul Stuart

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