The Illusionists

by Laure Eve

Part of the Fearsome Dreamer Series

'new gen' - Great Fiction for Young Adults

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A second adventure for Rue, the powerful young heroine of  Fearsome Dreamer. On the run from her former world and everything she hated about it, Rue is haunted by dreams of White, the boy she abandoned in it. Alone and frightened, Rue is trying to make a new life for herself in an unknown world with only Wren, whom she hardly knows, to depend on. But Rue is powerful and in this new world she has tremendous and exciting opportunities if she just has the courage to embrace them.


A Piece of Passion from Emily Thomas, Publisher of the first book in this sequence, Fearsome Dreamer.   I took Fearsome Dreamer home at the end of a busy day. I fired up my Kindle, with no particular expectations, and started to read... By the time I had finished the first page, I felt that delicious sizzle of excitement. The writing was superb: rich, descriptive, emotional and impressively poised all at once. Rue is a girl bursting to live her life, to feel and to explore beyond what she knows. You are pulled with her out of her somewhat plodding, rural existence and into another, more dangerous life as she learns how to literally make her dreams come true with the guidance of her icy and difficult tutor, White.

When Rue first meets White, we feel the snap, like an electric shock, that passes between the two of them and every frustration, betrayal and twist that occurs thereafter as they step in and out of dreams, trying to find the truth in each other. Fearsome Dreamer is an outstanding debut: imaginative, ambitious, epic, a little prophetic and heaving with unresolved sexual tension - or URST, as we say in the trade. A winner through and through. Read!

The Illusionists Synopsis

A shocking new world. A dangerous choice. Two futures preparing to collide...Having left her soulmate White behind her in Angle Tar, Rue is trying to make sense of her new and unfamiliar life in World. Its technologically advanced culture is as baffling as is it thrilling to her, and Rue quickly realises World's fascination with technology can have intoxicating and deadly consequences. She is also desperately lonely. And so is White. Somehow, their longing for each other is crossing into their dreams- dreams that begin to take increasingly strange turns as they appear to give Rue echoes of the future. Then the dreams reveal the advent of something truly monstrous, and with it the realisation that Rue and White will be instrumental in bringing about the most incredible and devastating change in both World and Angle Tar. But in a world where Life is a virtual reality, where friends can become enemies overnight and where dreams, the future, and the past are somehow merging together, their greatest challenge of all may be just to survive.

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ISBN: 9781471402609
Publication date: 03/07/2014
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9781471402609
Publication date: 3rd July 2014
Author: Laure Eve
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 416 pages
Genres: NewGen - YA Fiction,
Categories: Fantasy romance (Teenage),

About Laure Eve

Laure Eve is a French-British hybrid who grew up in Cornwall, a place saturated with myth and fantasy. Being a child of two cultures taught her everything she needed to know about trying to fit in at the same time as trying to stand out. She speaks English and French and can hold a vague conversation, usually about food, in Greek.She is the proud owner of a degree in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University, has worked as a bookseller and, for one memorable summer, a costumed bear for children's parties. She now lives and works in London in ...

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