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A Dance With Dragons: Part 2 After the Feast

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

After the Feast, the second part of the fifth volume of a Song of Ice and Fire is intensely captivating and heralds a victorious return by the Bard of Storytelling. All of the living (and possibly some dead) characters are back with a vengeance and the dragons are maturing alongside their flames. Martins impressively compelling world is most definitely on the move again.

The authors strength lies in his ability to continuously surprise, with his differing tales writhing and fusing together before capriciously exploding apart.  Venom comes in many different forms; hostile thoughts and malicious words can be just as dangerous as poison if used shrewdly. The skirmishes and battles for power, revenge and sometimes just plain but vital survival continue.

The next novel in the series is awaited with bated breath, the tantalising title Winds of Winter declares that Winter is coming, whether the Westeros world is ready or not. 

Liz Robinson

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