Brother Kemal

by Jakob Arjouni

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Kemal Kayankaya is a Turkish-German private eye who operates in the seedy underworld of Frankfurt, on the margins of legality and gets deeply involved in cases which invariably summon up the bleaker side of contemporary life. The son of Turkish immigrants, Kayankaya is a modern investigator per se who gets involved in social matters, sex trafficking, the consequences of the Balkan War and the limits of religious tolerance amongst others and provides invaluable insights into the nature of contemporary society as the best of crime writing nowadays succeeds in doing. Sadly, Arjouni, his creator, recently died at the early age of 48 and there will be no more Kayankaya novels. The others were Happy Birthday, Turk, More Beer, One Man, One Murder and Kismet.

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Brother Kemal Synopsis

Valerie de Chavannes, a financier's daughter, summons private investigator Kemal Kayankaya to her villa in Frankfurt's diplomatic quarter and commissions him to find her missing sixteen-year-old daughter Marieke. She is alleged to be with an older man who is posing as an artist. To Kayankaya, it seems like a simple case: an upper class girl with a thirst for adventure. Then another case turns up: The Maier Publishing House believes it needs to protect author Malik Rashid from attacks by religious fanatics at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Rashid has written a novel about, amongst other things, attitudes towards homosexuality in an Arabic country. Kayankaya is hired to be Rashid's bodyguard for three days. The two cases seem to be straightforward, but together they lead to murder, rape and abduction, and even Kayankaya comes under suspicion of being a contract killer for hire.

Brother Kemal Press Reviews

'The whole series should be on any crime connoisseur's bookshelf'
- Telegraph

'The sardonic humor survives intact, the writing is energetic, the plot moves right along'
- New York Times

'A superb swansong'
- Andrew Taylor, Spectator

'The Kayankaya novels are a classic suite of “outsider noir” tales and I certainly recommend BROTHER KEMAL to all lovers of mean streets and wily detectives.'
- Lynn Harvey, Euro Crime

'Brother Kemal is a fitting end to a great series'
- Crime Fiction Lover

'a fine achievement in contemporary European fiction'
- Missing Presumed Read


'With plenty of action, a quick-thinking protagonist with a sense of humour and snappy dialogue that survives translation, what’s to dislike?'
- Crime Review UK

'The story has humour, grit and suspense and I found it an interesting read.'
- Fiction Is Stranger Than Fact

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ISBN: 9781842439654
Publication date: 29/08/2013
Publisher: No Exit Press an imprint of Oldcastle Books Ltd
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9781842439654
Publication date: 29th August 2013
Author: Jakob Arjouni
Publisher: No Exit Press an imprint of Oldcastle Books Ltd
Format: Paperback
Genres: Crime / Mystery, eBook Favourites, Thriller / Suspense,

About Jakob Arjouni

Jakob Arjouni was only 20 when his first bestselling crime novel was published in Germany and was such a literary prodigy that he had managed to create a substantial and durable body of work by the time of his death at the age of 48. This output includes the five pioneering novels featuring Kemal Kayankaya, a Turkish-German private eye, that began with Happy Birthday, Turk! in 1985. An immediate success, it was filmed by the director Dorris Dörrie in 1992. The final Kayankaya novel, Brother Kemal, which Arjouni wrote against the terrible knowledge of a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, will be published ...

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