To celebrate National Poetry Day this year we highlight some of our favourite poetry books - old and new. 

National Poetry Day is the annual mass celebration on the first Thursday of October that encourages everyone to make, experience and share poetry with family and friends.

Each year we come together because voices, words and stories help to bridge understanding in our community.

National Poetry Day generates an explosion of activity nationwide, thousands of amazing events across the UK – on doorsteps and at kitchen tables, in gardens and streets, in schools, libraries and public spaces both online and offline – all celebrating poetry’s power to bring people together. 

The Day starts conversations, it encourages love of language and, best of all, it’s open to absolutely everyone to join in. Whether quietly or noisily in rewarding and enjoyable ways. As the artform's most visible moment, it showcases the ways in which poetry adds value to society.

The aims of National Poetry Day are:

  • To showcase new voices and celebrate diversity
  • To promote the vital role that poetry plays in all our lives – poetry has the power to bring people and communities together
  • To foster love of language and the sharing of poetry

Aims we wholeheartedly agree with and try to support all year round with our love of poetry.

Here is a wonderful selection of some of our favourite poetry books, which do you think we should add in here?

The call to action this year for National Poetry Day is: What does refuge mean to you? Please share your poems and stories of what brings refuge to them tagging @LoveReadingUK and #NationalPoetryDay.

Or celebrate National Poetry Day by taking a picture of your poetry ‘refuge’ - a comfortable space in which you read or write poetry. Tag #NationalPoetryDay and #LoveReadingUK for a reshare. 

If you are looking for poetry recommendations for children, or for the child in you, take a look at our Poetry Collection over on LoveReading4Kids.