A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year

Hardback edition released 02/09/2020

by Jane McMorland Hunter

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LoveReading Expert Review of A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year

A perfect gift for nature and poetry lovers, with 365 poems that will see readers through every season and infuse a sense of nature-inspired serenity before bedtime.

Companion to A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year and Friends: A Poem for Every Day of the Year, A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year is an exquisitely curated collection that induces calm contemplation as it evokes nature in all its awe-inspiring forms - frozen lakes, majestic trees, creeping autumnal twilights, disquieting night winds, multitudes of birds, and much more besides. It’s a book to reach out to before bed, for pondering each poem will instil a sense of slowing down before sleep sets in, nurturing gentle focus and moments of natural respite. 

As the book progresses through the year, there’s a tangible sense of nature budding, blooming and abating through the shifting seasons. We walk with Oscar Wilde by the “withered leaf of the moon”. We pass through the “door of spring” with Ethelwyn Wetherald. We revel in springtime birdsong beside William Wordsworth. We’re dazzled by Christina Rossetti’s blossoming “golden glories”. And then comes Betjeman’s harvesttime hues, Tennyson’s September dew, and Sara Teasdale’s “feathery filigree of frost”. Alongside such esteemed names, lesser-known poets are included too, which means it also serves as an excellent springboard to discovering hitherto unknown voices.

Joanne Owen

A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year Synopsis

A calming collection of nature poems to help you relax and unwind at the end of every day.

Now more than ever we're all in need of a daily fix of the natural world, to comfort and distract us from the cares of everyday life. Keep this beautiful book by your bedside and enjoy a dreamy stroll through nature every evening, just before you go to sleep. All the great, time-honoured poets are here - William Wordsworth, John Keats, Emily Dickinson, Robert Bridges - along with some newer and less-well known poetic voices. The poems reflect and celebrate the changing seasons: read Emily Bronte on bluebells in spring and Edward Thomas's evocative 'Adlestrop' in summer, then experience golden autumn with Hartley Coleridge and William Blake's 'To Winter'. Beautifully illustrated with scenes from each season, this wonderful book deserves a place on your bedside table for years to come.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781849946223
Publication date: 2nd September 2020
Author: Jane McMorland Hunter
Publisher: Batsford Ltd an imprint of Pavilion Books
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 488 pages
Primary Genre Poetry
Other Genres:

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ISBN: 9781849946223
Publication date: 02/09/2020
Format: Hardback

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About Jane McMorland Hunter

Jane McMorland Hunter is a passionate lover of the written word who works at Hatchards bookshop when not writing. She has written and edited several books, including Ode to London and Favourite Poems of England. Her other books include The Tiny Garden and For the Love of an Orchard both of which have been widely and favourably reviewed. She lives in London.

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A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year
A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year
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