January seemed to drag but time is marching on. 2024 is a leap year and so that means we have an extra day in February to fill with bookish goodness. Take a look at our highlights for this month with a wide range of books we're sure you'll fall in love with. Be sure to stop by our Star Books category too, we've added a bumper new crop of recommendations for you to discover.

Fiction Books of the Month

Whether you're looking for a love story this February, you're an armchair sleuth looking for a new read to keep you on your toes or anything in between, our selection of fiction book recommendations has some wonderful reads for you to discover.

Sometimes People Die by Simon Stephenson - "This crime novel will keep armchair sleuths guessing while a medical professional kills on the wards of a hospital in the late 1990’s."

The Art of Belonging by Eleanor Ray - "This LoveReading Star Book is a joy of an uplifting read, it tells the story of family and friendship with warmth and compassion."

The Book of Love by Kelly Link - "This LoveReading Star Book contains a unique and unforgettably beautiful blend of magic realism which is set (mostly) within a small Massachusetts town."

The Unfinished Business of Eadie Browne by Freya North - "With an unforgettable lead, this powerful and intimate LoveReading Star Book about the love of family and friendship deserves to fly."

Central Park West by James Comey - "Drawing on thirty years in law enforcement with the FBI, this is an authentic, fast-paced thriller, bursting with tension."

The Perfect Passion Company by Alexander McCall Smith - "Just gorgeous, this clever and gently amusing relationship story revolves around a dating company in Edinburgh."

To Kill a King by David Gilman - "The most wonderfully fierce and stimulating slice of battle-filled historical fiction set during the Hundred Years’ War, and it’s one of our LoveReading Star Books."

Seven Million Sunflowers by Malcolm Duffy - "Sharing the story of a Ukrainian refugee in the UK, this hard-hitting account of the horrors and impact of war is a stirring ode to empathy and resilience."

Goddess Crown by Shade Lapite - "Set in an opulent West African-inspired kingdom, this feminist fantasy blazes with revenge, courage and Goddess energy."

Past Lying by Val McDermid - "An absolutely cracking police procedural from the hands of the Queen of Crime, set in Edinburgh during April 2020 and the first Covid-19 lockdown."

The Last Word by Elly Griffiths - "A perfect novel for the armchair detective as this hugely entertaining read is set within the world of aspiring and published authors as they attempt to survive murder and mayhem."

Non-Fiction Books of the Month

If non-fiction is more your style then take a look at this pair of accessible and entertaining reads. This month, work on your wellbeing or unpack the psychology of successful relationships. 

How Ready Are You For Love? by The School of Life - "Boasting the entertainment value of a magazine-style quiz, this unpacks personal psychology to help readers enjoy more fulfilling relationships."

52 Weeks of Wellbeing by Ryan Hopkins - "Broad in scope and accessible in style, this inspirational practical guide provides all the tools you need to lead a more fulfilling work life."

Debuts of the Month

This February find a new author to fall in love with. These debut recommendations include new and paperback releases that are stunning and compulsive. Pick one up safe in the knowledge that there's no back catalogue to catch up with and you're joining the author at the start of an exciting bookish journey.

Anna O by Matthew Blake - "This wickedly compulsive thriller melds a complex murder case and forensic sleep psychology with ancient classical revenge tragedies and Shakespearean drama."

Carmen and Grace by Melissa Coss Aquino - "Tough, tender and laced with tension, this Bronx-set Latinx crime drama tells a heart-pounding tale of female friendship, survival, courage and community."

Brutes by Dizz Tate - "Set in the swampy, stifling heat of Florida, this intoxicating coming of age treasure presents a symphony of raw girlhood experiences."

The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers - "A stunning clarion call of a debut novel that dwells in curses, magic, and gods as it explores the effects of love and betrayal."

Dele Weds Destiny by Tomi Obaro - "Exploring the bonds between three women across thirty years, this Nigeria-set debut delves into the complexities of female friendship, love, race, and class with sparkling insights."

Glorious Exploits by Ferdia Lennon - "An original, fascinating, and focused novel that explores the brutality of war and brotherhood of men during the Peloponnesian War in 412BC. "

The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone by Audrey Burges - "This wonderfully unique relationship story, containing more than a touch of magic, is an absolute joy of a read."

Don't Swipe Right by L.M. Chilton - "Do Swipe Right on this quirky crime novel about a woman whose past dates keep getting murdered"

Liz Robinson's Picks of the Month

We love Liz Robinson's recommendations and this month of love she's delivered with some beautiful, powerful and brilliant picks. Whether you're looking for something dark or uplifting, there's plenty to choose from here. 

Weyward by Emilia Hart - "A beautifully powerful debut novel celebrating the strength and resilience of three women in three different time-frames as witchcraft weaves its way through their lives."

The Land of Lost Things by John Connolly - "A beautifully and deliciously dark novel where the interplay of light and shadows within folklore and fairytales ensure a must-read awaits."

Red Side Story by Jasper Fforde - "An absolutely cracking story set in a futuristic UK, served with sides of humour, social and political commentary, and a huge dollop of originality."

The Modern Bestiary by Joanna Bagniewska - "Animals can be gross, gory, and obscene, explore the glorious world of animals from a new and fascinating perspective."

Green Dot by Madeleine Gray - "Fiercely funny and brilliantly observed, travel with Lucie as she greets office life and finds a love affair."

A Sign of Her Own by Sarah Marsh - "A beautifully eloquent and thought-provoking story about a young deaf woman who becomes entangled in the story of the telephone and Alexander Graham Bell."

Star Books

February may be the shortest month of the year but we're not short on new Star Book recommendations. These are books we've loved so much we've set our stall out and picked them as some of our books of the year already. Keep scrolling to shop any of the books featured in this February summary, or add to your wishlist for your next bookish treat.