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Steve Silk is a journalist working for BBC Look East in Norwich. Before attempting his adventure along the Great North Road, he’d only really cycled around the lanes of Norfolk. Over the course of 11 days, he broke most of the rules of cycle touring, but still managed to get there in one piece, proving that if he can do it, almost anybody can! He is also the author of two previous books, The Wherryman's Way and Hidden Riverside Norwich, which saw him explore the Norfolk Broads on foot and by canoe. The Wherryman's Way won the East Anglian Travel Book of the Year Award. Steve lives in Loddon, Norfolk with his wife Debbie and their two daughters.

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The Great North Road

The Great North Road

Author: Steve Silk Format: Paperback Release Date: 08/07/2021

The Great North Road is a brilliantly researched historical journey by bicycle which follows an ancient highway that since 1921, for most of its length, has been known as the A1. Cyclist Steve Silk threads the 493 miles from London to Edinburgh following at a challenging but doable pace in the tracks of Charles G Harper’s 1901 journal of the same name. Steve’s eleven day journey is so rich in history at times he could be a time traveller, slipping in and out of centuries, bumping into legendary and influential characters and (unlike most touring cyclists) spending enough time to soak up the stories along the way. The book is probably more for travellers with an interest in history than it is for cyclists with a passion for endurance, but it does seem to be the case that the further one pedals north on this famous artery, the harder it gets. 

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