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  1. It Happened One Summer: A Novel Audiobook It Happened One Summer: A Novel
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me Audiobook The Viscount Who Loved Me
  3. Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life Audiobook Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life
  4. The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World Audiobook The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World
  5. The Dictionary of Lost Words Audiobook The Dictionary of Lost Words
  6. The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close Audiobook The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close
  7. Arsenic and Adobo Audiobook Arsenic and Adobo
  8. The Cabinet Audiobook The Cabinet
  9. The Night Circus Audiobook The Night Circus
  10. Open Mind Audiobook Open Mind
Langenscheidt Business English Präsentationen: Kommunikationstraining Audiobook

Langenscheidt Business English Präsentationen: Kommunikationstraining

Business English - schnell fit für den Job - Über 70 Minuten Hör- und Sprechtraining, um berufliche Verhandlungen zu meistern - Zehn hörspielartige Dialogszenen mit den wichtigsten Gesprächssituationen in Verhandlungen - Abwechslungsreiche Übungen zum Vertiefen der gebräuchlichen Wendungen und Ausdrücke - Alle Hörtexte mit deutscher Übersetzung und Business-Wortschatz im Begleitheft (PDF) - Britisches und amerikanisches Englisch - Für Lerner:innen mit Vorkenntnissen (Niveau B1)

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Explorers: Amazing Tales of the World's Greatest Adventurers Audiobook

Explorers: Amazing Tales of the World's Greatest Adventurers

Author: Nellie Huang Narrator: William Roberts Release Date: September 2020

Meet famous explorers and adventurers in this exciting non-fiction storybook for children. Venture into steaming jungles in search of lost temples, fight off frostbite in the Arctic, and blast off into space! Great explorers have one thing in common - a desire to leap into the unknown, no matter how dangerous that might be. From Ferdinand Magellan's first circumnavigation of the world 500 years ago to Barbara Hillary's treks to the North and South poles while in her seventies, Explorers documents the trials and hardships of the men and women who rewrote our understanding of the world, and showed us what humans are capable of. Explorers looks at the towering achievements of more than 50 explorers in great detail, with incredible cross-sections revealing the amazing detail inside Spanish galleons, lost cities, and spaceships. Hand-drawn maps reveal their intrepid journeys in great detail, and photographs highlight the artefacts and relics they found along the way. The explorers come from all walks of life and parts of the world. Packed with jaw-dropping facts and written in language that will get the heart racing, Explorers is the perfect book for any budding young adventurer, combining both beautiful illustrations by Jessamy Hawke and fantastic photography.

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The Origins and History of Consciousness Audiobook

The Origins and History of Consciousness

Author: Erich Neumann Narrator: William Roberts Release Date: September 2020

This audiobook narrated by William Roberts explores the evolution of consciousness through the archetypes and myths that are universal to all humanity The Origins and History of Consciousness draws on a full range of world mythology to show how individual consciousness undergoes the same archetypal stages of development as human consciousness as a whole. Erich Neumann was one of C. G. Jung's most creative students and a renowned practitioner of analytical psychology in his own right. In this influential book, Neumann shows how the stages begin and end with the symbol of the Uroboros, the tail-eating serpent. The intermediate stages are projected in the universal myths of the World Creation, Great Mother, Separation of the World Parents, Birth of the Hero, Slaying of the Dragon, Rescue of the Captive, and Transformation and Deification of the Hero. Throughout the sequence, the Hero is the evolving ego consciousness. Featuring a foreword by Jung, this Princeton Classics edition introduces a new generation of readers to this eloquent and enduring work.

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Crucible of Hell: Okinawa: The Last Great Battle of the Second World War Audiobook

Crucible of Hell: Okinawa: The Last Great Battle of the Second World War

Author: Saul David Narrator: Saul David - Introduction, William Roberts Release Date: April 2020

‘Excellent’ Antony Beevor From award-winning historian Saul David, an action-packed and powerful new narrative of the Battle of Okinawa – the last great clash of the Second World War, and one that had profound consequences for the modern world. For eighty-three blood-soaked days, the fighting on the island of Okinawa plumbed depths of savagery as bad as anything seen on the Eastern Front. When it was over, almost a quarter of a million people had lost their lives, making it by far the bloodiest US battle of the Pacific. In Okinawa, the death toll included thousands of civilians lost to mass suicide, convinced by Japanese propaganda that they would otherwise be raped and murdered by the enemy. On the US side, David argues that the horror of the battle ultimately determined President Truman’s choice to use atomic bombs in August 1945. It is a brutal, heart-rending story, and one David tells with masterly attention to detail: the cramped cockpit of a kamikaze plane, the claustrophobic gun turret of a warship under attack, and a half-submerged foxhole amidst the squalor and battle detritus. The narrative follows generals, presidents and emperors, as well as the humbler experiences of ordinary servicemen and families on both sides, and the Okinawan civilians who were caught so tragically between the warring parties. Using graphic eyewitness accounts and declassified documents from archives in three continents, Saul David illuminates a shocking chapter of history that is too often missing from Western-centric narratives of the Second World War.

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American War of Independence: A History Audiobook

American War of Independence: A History

Author: Dk Narrator: William Roberts Release Date: November 2019

An easy-to-listen-to audiobook about the American War of Independence - one of the most important events of Western history - in DK's inimitable style, narrated by Bill Roberts. The Declaration of Independence is one of the most pivotal documents in Western history, along with the Magna Carta and Emancipation Proclamation. Almost two hundred and fifty years after the founding fathers signed the Declaration and heralded the birth of the United States, the story of how America overthrew the British is as meaningful today as when the ink was still wet on the page. This audiobook explains the story of every major military action with comprehensive timelines for every stage of the Revolutionary War. This account also includes revealing first-person accounts by soldiers and civilians, as well as discussion of the treatment of prisoners and what the wars meant for women, Native Americans and African Americans. The American War of Independence: A History brings the drama of the Revolutionary War to life with DK's unique compelling narrative. © 2016 Dorling Kindersley Ltd © 2019 DK Audio

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Voyage: A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation by Dirk Maggs Audiobook

Voyage: A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation by Dirk Maggs

An alternative history of the US space programme, dramatised by Dirk Maggs. After the moon, Mars... What if John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt and developed the space programme? President Nixon, with the help of former president JFK, has just green-lit NASA's first manned expedition to Mars. Aboard the expedition is Natalie York, a geologist who risks everything she loves for the chance to go to space; Phil Stone, former X-15 test pilot; and Ralph Gershon, a Vietnam War hero intent on being the first African American to reach another planet. Exploring mankind's ambitions in space, Voyage chronicles the incredible story of what could have been. Also included is an one-hour bonus programme featuring Dirk Maggs in conversation with Stephen Baxter, 20 years after Voyage was recorded. This wonderful, intimate conversation between the two friends is peppered with memories of the recording, the production process, and what inspired Stephen to pen such a well-loved story. Cast: Natalie York...Laurel Lefkow Mike Conlig...William Dufris Gregory Dana...Michael Roberts Joe Muldoon...Vincent Marzello Chuck Jones...Frank Lazarus Jim Dana...Russell Bentley Ben Priest...William Roberts Ralph Gershon...Mel Taylor Phil Stone...Rolf Saxon Based on the novel by Stephen Baxter Produced and directed by Dirk Maggs Music by Wilfredo Acosta

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Hannah Green and Her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence Audiobook

Hannah Green and Her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence

Author: Michael Marshall Smith Narrator: William Roberts Release Date: July 2017

An unpredictable, poignant, and captivating tale for readers of all ages, by the critically acclaimed author of Only Forward. There are a million stories in the world. Most are perfectly ordinary. This one... isn't. Hannah Green actually thinks her story is more mundane than most. But she's about to discover that the shadows in her life have been hiding a world where nothing is as it seems: that there's an ancient and secret machine that converts evil deeds into energy, that some mushrooms can talk - and that her grandfather has been friends with the Devil for over a hundred and fifty years, and now they need her help.

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The Great Gatsby Audiobook

The Great Gatsby

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald Narrator: William Roberts Release Date: May 2017

When The Great Gatsby was published, commercially it was a failure but critically it was a success. It is still the most admired and well read of all Scott Fitzgerald's novels and it is considered a handbook of the 'Jazz Age'. Scott Fitzgerald put much of himself and his life into the book. He created the character of Jay Gatsby to illustrate his own experiences of the illusory and morally bankrupt aspects of 1920s' America, and the character of Nick Carraway to show his disapproval of its destructive effects. 1. A WORLDLY LIFE. Narrator Nick Carraway explains how he came to New York. He rents a house in West Egg, next to a mansion owned by a mysterious millionaire, Jay Gatsby, and across the bay from his cousin Daisy Buchanan. Visiting her and her husband Tom, he is introduced to Jordan Baker and learns from her that Tom is having an affair. On his way home Nick sees Gatsby looking across the water, arms outstretched. 2. IMMORALITY. Nick is surprised when, en route to New York, Tom insists that he meet his mistress. They go to Wilson's garage, where Tom tells the proprietor's wife Myrtle to come to New York. There, a drunken party gets under way. It ends abruptly when Tom and Myrtle quarrel and he strikes her, breaking her nose. 3. HIGH LIVING. Nick goes to one of Gatsby's parties, where he sees Jordan again and eventually meets his host. Gatsby asks to speak to Jordan alone. Nick falls for Jordan and sees one of Gatsby, who tells him the story of his privileged past; he also says that Jordan will let Nick in on a secret. 4. A DREAM OF LOVE. Nick has lunch with Gatsby and one of his business associates Meyer Wolfshiem. That afternoon, Jordan tells Nick that Daisy and Gatsby were in love during the war. Gatsby is still besotted and wants Nick to invite her to tea so that they can meet again. Nick agrees and warns Daisy not to bring Tom. 5. REALITY INTRUDES. Daisy is amazed to see Gatsby again and he is overwhelmed. Gatsby takes Nick and Daisy to his house, keen to impress Daisy. However, he evades Nick's question about his business. At the point, Nick reveals Gatsby's true, humble origins to the reader. When Nick next sees Gusby, a guest brings Tom in for a drink, with the result that Tom is invited to Gatsby's next party. There he voices his suspicions that his host's riches are ill-gotten and Daisy expresses loathing of the fashionable crowd and their 'new' money. 6. ADULTERY DISCOVERED. After the party, Gatsby explains to Nick that he wants Daisy to tell Tom that she never loved him, then leave him; he refuses to heed Nick's warning that he cannot undo the past and tells him all about their love affair. Gatsby has no more parties because they do not please Daisy. Nick, Jordan and Gatsby have lunch with Tom and Daisy; Tom realizes that Daisy is having an affair with Gatsby. They drive to New York - Daisy and Gatsby in Tom's car and Tom, Nick and Jordan in Gatsby's. Tom stops for petrol at the garage, where Myrtle is watching from a window. Wilson has realized that she has been unfaithful, although he does not know with whom. In New York, the group hire a hotel room, where Tom confronts Gatsby. 7. A TRAGIC ACCIDENT. Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy does not love him; he reacts furiously and accuses Gatsby of bootlegging. Although she half-heartedly agrees that she is leaving Tom, Daisy cannot say, as Gatsby demands, that she never loved him. Finally, Daisy and Gatsby leave, this time in Gatsby's car; they kill Myrtle, who runs towards them believing that Tom is in the car. Tom, following in his own car, stops at the scene and quickly denies any involvement. That night, Gatsby confides the secret of his past to Nick, explains how he and Daisy were separated and says that he will take the blame for the accident to protect her. In the morning, Nick leaves for work and Gatsby goes to his swimming-pool. As they part, Nick tells Gatsby that he is 'worth the whole damn bunch put together'. 8. A LONELY END. Wilson, overcome by grief and rage, believes his wife has been murdered by her lover. He shoots Gatsby dead, then kills himself. Nick finds their bodies and learns that Daisy and Tom have gone away. While at Gatsby's mansion, Nick receives a mysterious telephone call which inadvertently confirms that Gatsby was a criminal. Gatsby's father arrives for the funeral, but Wolfshiem refuses to come and only one of the party guests attends. Worn out by the events of the East and too sickened to continue his relationship with Jordan, Nick decides to go home to the Midwest. Some time later, he bumps into Tom in New York and learns that, as he believed, it was Tom who told Wilson that Gatsby was driving the car.

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Portrait Of A Lady Audiobook

Portrait Of A Lady

Author: Henry James Narrator: William Roberts Release Date: May 2017

The Portrait of a Lady focuses first and foremost on the character and experiences of its heroine Isabel Archer. She is, in Henry James' words, the 'lighted' character; all the other people in the novel remain relatively obscure. Their dealings with Isabel, for good or ill, serve to reveal more of her character to the reader and to further her along the path of emotional development and maturity. The deep goodness of Ralph and the machinations of Osmond and Madame Merle are revealed only in relation to her. 1. Old World and New - A young American in England. Elderly American banker Mr Touchett is sitting in the garden of his English country home, Gardencourt, with his delicate son Ralph and Ralph's friend Lord Warburton. Touchett tells them that his wife has taken her niece under her wing and is bringing her home from America. The young lady, Isabel Archer, arrives; Lord Warburton pays court to her and invites her to lunch. 2. Suitors Abound - A friend from afar - Declarations of love. Isabel's excitable friend Henrietta Stackpole reveals that Caspar Goodwood, Isabel's American admirer, has followed her to England. Isabel is disturbed as she does not share his feelings. He writes, asking to see her. As Isabel reads the note in the grounds of Gardencourt, Lord Warburton arrives and proposes to her. She refuses him, seeing marriage as the end of her new-found freedom. Henrietta suggests Isabel accompany her to London and there Goodwood renews his advances. Isabel learns that Henrietta has encouraged him and feels betrayed. Later, Ralph informs Isabel that Mr Touchett is ill and together they leave London for Gardencourt. 3. Inheritance - A new-found friend - Sudden riches. At Gardencourt Isabel meets Madame Merle, also an American, and is charmed by her. They are frequently thrown together while Ralph and Mrs Touchett are occupied with caring for Mr Touchett, who wants Ralph to marry Isabel. Ralph refuses because of his heart condition but says he would like her to receive half his father's money so that she may be truly independent. On Mr Touchett's death, Isabel is shocked to learn of her inheritance. Madame Merle believes Isabel to have been 'clever', but Henrietta says that the money will do Isabel more harm than good. Ralph, however, encourages Isabel to enjoy her new wealth. 4. Italian Encounters - A meeting is engineered - Will love bloom? In Florence Madame Merle visits her friend Gilbert Osmond and his daughter Pansy. She tells him about Isabel and arranges for them to meet. Osmond begins to court Isabel, who grows to like him, much to Mrs Touchett's horror. Protective of Isabel, she questions Madame Merle, who defends Osmond. When Ralph and Isabel leave for Rome, the latter suggests that Osmond follow. Osmond cynically discusses Isabel with Madame Merle. In Rome Isabel meets Lord Warburton, whose feelings are unchanged. He is sad to learn that Isabel is attracted to Osmond. 5. An Unpopular Engagement - Deaf to opposition. Isabel travels with Madame Merle, then returns in Rome. Caspar Goodwood comes to see her there, in response to her letter announcing her engagement to Osmond, but she dismisses him. Mrs Touchett voices her opposition, regarding Osmond as a fortune-hunter. Ralph tells Isabel that she is giving up the freedom she once cherished and that he loves her without hope. However, Isabel says that she values Osmond because he has never striven for money, and that she is glad to share her fortune with him. 6. Matchmaking - An unhappy marriage - Hopes of an engagement. Isabel's marriage to Osmond does not prove happy and the child she bears dies in infancy. Three years later, Ralph arrives in Rome with Lord Warburton, who is attentive to Pansy. Osmond is pleased, forbidding Pansy's other suitor, Edward Rosier, to see her, and telling his wife to encourage her old friend. At a dance, Isabel realizes that Lord Warburton still cares for her and notices also that Rosier is in love with Pansy. She tells Rosier that she will help him and asks Lord Warburton to send a letter to her husband asking for Pansy's hand, thus challenging him to prove that he is in earnest. 7. Plans Fail - A suitor departs - Secret intimacy. Lord Warburton fails to propose to Pansy and leaves Rome. Pansy is delighted, but Osmond is furious with Isabel and accuses her of preventing the marriage. Isabel admits her unhappiness to Henrietta, who tells her Goodwood has come to Rome. Isabel asks him to take Ralph home as he is too ill to travel alone. Henrietta, too, volunteers her services. Isabel tells Ralph that she will come to him if he needs her. Madame Merle asks Isabel about Lord Warburton's change of heart. When Isabel says that it is none of her business, Madame Merle insists that it is. She then talks intimately with Osmond about his marriage and her previous relationship with him. 8. A Shocking Discovery - Choosing between love and duty. Osmond sends Pansy back to the convent and Isabel hears that Ralph is dying. Osmond refuses to let his wife go to him. Isabel then learns that Pansy is Madame Merle's daughter. Isabel decides to defy Osmond and visits Pansy to say goodbye. There she meets Madame Merle who tells her that Mr Touchett left the money to her at Ralph's suggestion. Isabel has an emotional reunion with Ralph, who soon dies. Goodwood surprises Isabel and kisses her, but despite being tempted for a moment, she rejects him again. Two days later, he follows her to London, only to learn that she has returned to Rome.

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Classic American Short Stories Audiobook

Classic American Short Stories

Represented here are 16 short stories by seven great American writers, dating from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Different in atmosphere and writing style, they nevertheless caught the mood and concerns of the day in a way that was distinctly American. Kate Chopin's 'Regret' is a reflective moment in the life of a woman without children, forced to look after children; Bierce's 'An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge' leaves echoes in the imagination; the stories by Crane and London recall the themes of the Civil War and the Klondike for which they are well known. Twain's humor is to the fore in 'The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County' and O. Henry's sharp observation makes his neat tales a joy to listen to. There is even an elegiac description of an eclipse by James Fenimore Cooper, author of The Last of the Mohicans. Read with sensitivity and skill by Garrick Hagon, Liza Ross and William Roberts

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Fire and Brimstone: The North Butte Mining Disaster of 1917 Audiobook

Fire and Brimstone: The North Butte Mining Disaster of 1917

Author: Michael Punke Narrator: William Roberts Release Date: March 2016

From the #1 international bestselling author of The Revenant - the book that inspired the award-winning movie - comes the remarkable true story of the worst mining disaster in American history. In 1917, the lives of a company of miners changed forever when the underground labyrinth of tunnels in which they worked burst into flames. Within an hour, more than four hundred men would be locked in a battle to survive. Within three days, one hundred and sixty-four of them would be dead.

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The Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Whisperer in Darkness Audiobook

The Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Whisperer in Darkness

Author: H.P. Lovecraft Narrator: William Roberts Release Date: June 2015

The Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Whisperer in Darkness are counted amongst H.P. Lovecraft’s most popular stories. In the first we are transported to the decrepit coastal town of Innsmouth, whose amphibian-like citizens betray a dark and sinister secret. The second takes us to Vermont, where a university professor becomes embroiled in a mind- bending, celestial mystery after strange things are seen floating in the rivers. Dark, brooding and suspenseful, this is Lovecraft at his very best.

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