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Audiobooks Narrated by Samantha Cook

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Hello, Summer Audiobook Hello, Summer
  2. The Court of Miracles Audiobook The Court of Miracles
  3. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (A Hunger Games Novel) Audiobook The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (A Hunger Games Novel)
  4. Whiskey Beach Audiobook Whiskey Beach
  5. The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir Audiobook The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir
  6. Find the Good: Unexpected Life Lessons From a Small-Town Obituary Writer Audiobook Find the Good: Unexpected Life Lessons From a Small-Town Obituary Writer
  7. Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be Audiobook Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be
  8. Between the World and Me Audiobook Between the World and Me
  9. The Beekeeper of Aleppo: A moving testament to the human spirit Audiobook The Beekeeper of Aleppo: A moving testament to the human spirit
  10. Cross My Heart Audiobook Cross My Heart
Pretending to Be Rich Audiobook

Pretending to Be Rich

Author: Weston Parker Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Samantha Cook Release Date: June 2020

It was against my will. But family has a way of forcing you into tight spots, right? My wealthy father wanted me at his swanky benefit and refused to budge. Luckily for me, the most beautiful curvy woman happened to come too. Only one problem: she thinks I'm rich too. No way in hell I can tell her the truth. Women like men that can deck them out in jewels, and that ain't me. I don't share in the family inheritance, not yet at least. Hard work is all I know. It's who I am. But will she understand that if the truth comes to light? I'm just a normal guy in love with a woman far above my paygrade. And she's going to freak when she finds out I've been pretending to be rich. Contains mature themes.

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All's Fair in Love and Mastery: Masters Unleashed, Book Five Audiobook

All's Fair in Love and Mastery: Masters Unleashed, Book Five

Author: Sparrow Beckett Narrator: Samantha Cook Release Date: June 2020

Sparrow Beckett masters the enemies-to-lovers trope in this steamy romance, following Master in Shining Armor.Grant Ellis, co-owner of the exclusive Catacombs club, can't stand Arabella Dexter...his own best friend. One scorching night shouldn't have made things weird between them, but it changed everything. Who knew there were lines friends can't uncross? Now, no one gets under his skin and drives him wild quite like Dex. Since she refuses to wear his collar, he can only mask his desire with sarcasm and antagonism.Dex has had it up to here with Grant. He's a bossy, domineering jerk, and the sexiest man she's ever been with. Even so, she's done with collars and the nonsense that comes with commitments. When he extends an olive branch and invites her to visit his new resort on a remote island in Canada, it's a chance to get their friendship back on track.Alone in the wilderness for a week, they explore Grant's investment and the boundaries of their relationship. Some bonfires can't be contained.

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My Favorite Mistake Audiobook

My Favorite Mistake

Author: Weston Parker Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Samantha Cook Release Date: May 2020

I'd make a terrible father. That's what they all said. And it's the lie I lived for a long time, playing the field. Sleeping around and enjoying my life as a bachelor. But things change when my grandfather passes and all of his money comes my way. Life looks like a day in a theme park, with me as the big winner. Until I realize my grandfather didn't just send me a check, but also his big house filled with expensive art. Unfortunately, it comes with the responsibility of maintaining his staff, including a beautiful American maid that's driving me mad. I have rules about romance with those who work with me and for me. No bother. This curvy vixen wants nothing to do with me anyway. Until she does. And when I think it's going to be a quick fling, I'm shocked to discover she's carrying my greatest fear and the one thing I've always secretly wanted more than anything else. A baby. Contains mature themes.

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Faceoff Audiobook


Author: Stephanie Kay Narrator: Samantha Cook Release Date: May 2020

Sara Randolph is head chef in a bar frequented by the San Francisco Strikers hockey team. With her history of having her heart broken by athletes, she really should be avoiding them. They're her Kryptonite, and left winger Colin O'Sullivan is at the top of the No Touch List, in spite of his delicious flirtations. Colin 'Sully' O'Sullivan is tired of being second best. His home team took the Stanley Cup the year after he was traded to San Francisco. He's been on the top line on the Strikers for a few years and now his spot is in question. But when the ginger-haired jokester lands a night in the arms of Sara, he thinks his luck is finally changing. Until she tells him it was all a terrible mistake. Sara can't believe she let herself get carried away with Sully. He's an athlete. A player in all variations of the word. Been there. Done that. Never again. But there's no denying their attraction is hot enough to melt all the ice in the arena. When it comes to a faceoff between them, are they willing to own up to the truth about how they really feel about each other?

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Shaken to the Core Audiobook

Shaken to the Core

Author: Jae Narrator: Samantha Cook Release Date: April 2020

Kate Winthrop, the only child of a wealthy shipping magnate, has the course of her life charted for her by her parents. She's expected to marry well and produce a successor to the Winthrop empire. But Kate has a very different path in mind. Her true passion lies with photography-and with women. Alone in the city after losing her brother, Sicilian immigrant Giuliana Russo starts working for the Winthrops as a maid. Despite their different social status, Kate and Giuliana become friends, much to the dismay of Kate's parents. As the connection between the two women grows, a devastating earthquake hits San Francisco and ignites fires that sweep through the city for three days and nights. Will the disaster shatter their tentative feelings for each other, or will they find the courage to save each other's lives-and their hearts? Contains mature themes.

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Delay of Game Audiobook

Delay of Game

Author: Stephanie Kay Narrator: Samantha Cook Release Date: April 2020

Can secrets designed to protect the ones they love end up tearing them apart? From a painful past nobody knows about to aspirations for the future, Sophia Lanzi has learned to lock things away to please those around her and to protect herself. Landing a job working for the top sports physical therapist in the city, avid hockey fan Sophia is taking a step toward fulfilling her dreams. But when sexy hockey player Eric 'Finn' Finnegan enters the clinic for treatment after a devastating injury on the ice, Sophia only has more secrets to keep, as she develops more than a crush on her patient. The last thing Finn needs is a distraction, and especially in the form of Sophia Lanzi, a beautiful physical therapy assistant. Finn is desperate to get back to the game he loves and prove to everyone that their investment in him has been worth it, but the chemistry with Sophia is too strong to deny. Finn and Sophia can't resist each other, and a kiss leads to a secret relationship. Secrets aren't new to Finn, either, and he's holding one that can destroy his family if it's ever discovered.

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Fake It For Me Audiobook

Fake It For Me

Author: Weston Parker Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Samantha Cook Release Date: April 2020

I need a woman to help me shut up my big Greek family. And my new intern is perfect for the job, though pretending to have a relationship with her might be a little taboo. Good thing I'm in charge. Being a self-made billionaire, I haven't spent much time looking for love. None actually. Lucky for me, it's fallen right into my lap. This pretty American girl has zero sense of direction, but a good heart and a sexy smile. I've always been smitten by a woman that needs rescuing, or so it seems. Something tells me that she might be more than I bargained for. Either way, I just need her to fake it for me until it appears real. Funny how real it quickly becomes. Contains mature themes.

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Skating the Line Audiobook

Skating the Line

Author: Stephanie Kay Narrator: Samantha Cook Release Date: March 2020

Amanda Pearsall never wanted to put down roots. Six years ago, she put California in her rear-view mirror and set out to travel the world, one adventure at a time. Eighteen months ago she returned home for a family emergency, and she's still here, with no departure date in sight. The job she took to tide her over is stifling at best and she needs to get back out there. To throw caution to the wind and live her life on her terms. Ben Chester, stoic captain of the San Francisco Strikers, lives and breathes hockey. From the tender age of three when his father strapped a pair of skates on Ben's feet, hockey has been his life. What could be more enjoyable than being out on the ice and winning with your team? His nickname might be Cheesy, but he has no time for jokes when he's playing the game he loves. And he has no time for distractions, especially from the media. He learned his lesson years ago to never trust anyone with a press pass, and when he discovers what Amanda does for a living, he wants nothing to do with her. Ben knows they are all wrong for each other, no matter how good she feels in his arms. He likes skating in the lines. But Amanda can't even see them.

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The Determined Groom Audiobook

The Determined Groom

Author: Cami Checketts Narrator: Samantha Cook Release Date: March 2020

A broken football star becomes the trainer to an elite female athlete who can’t decide if she should tell off the flirty billionaire or fall in love with him. Cambree Kinley is the toughest chick she knows, except when it comes to protecting her heart. Yet how can she resist the billionaire superstar Emmett Hawk? When he pursues her—treating her like gold and making her smile nonstop, only sheer grit can keep her from sprinting toward the Cinderella route again—loving a high-falutin’ man who will dump her like moldy garbage when she offends his high-society friends and family. Emmett Hawk is more than a rich football player—he’s a celebrity, the face of the Hawk Family fortune, and practically his own high-end brand. When he blows his knee out and can’t play the game he loves, he starts an elite fitness camp where he meets an intriguing woman who is brutally honest. Emmett falls for Cambree, but she’s holding back her heart, and Emmett won’t force her to love him.

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Breakout Audiobook


Author: Stephanie Kay Narrator: Samantha Cook Release Date: February 2020

Penny Connor is putting the pieces of her life back in logical order. At least that's the plan. Six months ago, her world imploded when she walked in on her fiance with another woman. After calling off her wedding, she spent a week acting completely out of character in the Tuscan countryside with a scorchingly hot man. They didn't even exchange last names. Ethan Hartnell has grudgingly returned home. He's got an image to fix after being traded to the San Francisco Strikers, due to some questionable behavior. He plans to keep his nose to the ice, focusing on the career he loves. Everything is going according to plan, until he walks into a friend's bar and sees her. She'd left him in her bed in Italy, with a note, and run. Which is exactly what she does when they see each other again. It should be a sign. So why does he keep chasing her?

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A Cowboy for All Seasons: SpringSummerFallWinter Audiobook

A Cowboy for All Seasons: SpringSummerFallWinter

Author: Caitlin Crews, Jackie Ashenden, Maisey Yates, Nicole Helm Narrator: Samantha Cook Release Date: February 2020

Discover the power of family in this uplifting quartet by New York Times bestselling author Maisey Yates, USA TODAY bestselling author Caitlin Crews, Nicole Helm and Jackie Ashenden. June Gable left each of her four granddaughters a handwritten bequest—to spend a season at her beloved farmhouse in Jasper Creek, Oregon, before they sell it. These cousins were once as close as sisters, but time and family betrayals have pushed them apart. In spring, polished city girl Keira must find her country roots—and reconnect with an old flame. In the summer, tough tomboy JJ needs to tap into her softer side while helping a single dad and his daughters. Cheerful dreamer Lila has to help coordinate the town craft fair in autumn, under the stern eye of the handsome cowboy she loved as a girl. And as winter falls, headstrong, independent Bella must learn to ask for help from the one man she believes she can never have. The four cousins will have to confront secrets from the past, deal with old wounds they’d rather hide, and tangle with their hardheaded cowboys before they can find love, healing and the true meaning of family…

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The Irresistible Groom Audiobook

The Irresistible Groom

Author: Cami Checketts Narrator: Samantha Cook Release Date: January 2020

A vivacious sports agent loses her memory and her safe, perfectly planned life. The only hope is a tough security specialist who for some reason she's never allowed herself to fall for. Claire Tucker is a feisty and successful sports agent. When she wakes up with amnesia, she has to rely on a handsome security specialist, which doesn't seem too bad-until she learns that she has known him for years and has repeatedly rejected his date offers. When Brig proves irresistible to her, she realizes she needs to guard her heart until she gets some answers or her past will catch up to her. Brig Hunsaker has everything he needs, except the sassy lady he's had a crush on for years. When Claire is injured and the hospital staff believe he is her fiancé, he finally gets the chance to protect her and prove he's worth taking a chance on.

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