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  1. Conversations With Friends Audiobook Conversations With Friends
  2. Everything I Know About Love Audiobook Everything I Know About Love
  3. The Paris Apartment Audiobook The Paris Apartment
  4. Less Doing, More Living: Make Everything in Life Easier Audiobook Less Doing, More Living: Make Everything in Life Easier
  5. A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting Audiobook A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting
  6. Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?: The No 1 Sunday Times bestseller Audiobook Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?: The No 1 Sunday Times bestseller
  7. Nothing But The Truth: Stories of Crime, Guilt and the Loss of Innocence Audiobook Nothing But The Truth: Stories of Crime, Guilt and the Loss of Innocence
  8. Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II Audiobook Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II
  9. You Are a Champion: How to Be the Best You Can Be Audiobook You Are a Champion: How to Be the Best You Can Be
  10. Let's Get Textual Audiobook Let's Get Textual
Your Sexual Health: A Guide to Understanding, Loving and Caring for Your Body Audiobook

Your Sexual Health: A Guide to Understanding, Loving and Caring for Your Body

Author: Dr. Kate White, M.D. Narrator: Mia Barron Release Date: May 2022

In Your Sexual Health, Kate White, M.D., one of the nation’s leading gynecologists, helps you get in touch with your body in new ways and learn things about your sex life you never thought to ask. This book shines a light on the facts everyone with a vagina should know. • Know when your vagina is sounding an alarm—and when it isn’t • Have periods that don’t ruin your life—or your clothes • Protect yourself from STDs and STIs • Learn what your Pap test results really mean • Choose the birth control method that’s right for you • Prepare for getting pregnant once you’re ready Filled with trustworthy and approachable information, this book is the boardcertified bedside confidante you can turn to for clear answers about sexual health.

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Out of Touch: How to Survive an Intimacy Famine Audiobook

Out of Touch: How to Survive an Intimacy Famine

Author: Michelle Drouin Narrator: Mia Barron Release Date: April 2022

Millions of people around the world are not getting the physical, emotional, and intellectual intimacy they crave. Through the wonders of modern technology, we are connecting with more people more often than ever before, but are these connections what we long for? Pandemic isolation has made us even more alone. In Out of Touch, Professor of Psychology Michelle Drouin investigates what she calls our intimacy famine, exploring love, belongingness, and fulfillment and considering why relationships carried out on technological platforms may leave us starving for physical connection. Drouin puts it this way: when most of our interactions are through social media, we are taking tiny hits of dopamine rather than the huge shots of oxytocin that an intimate in-person relationship would provide. Drouin explains that intimacy is not just sex-although of course sex is an important part of intimacy. But how important? Drouin reports on surveys that millennials (perhaps distracted by constant Tinder-swiping) have less sex than previous generations. She discusses pandemic puppies, professional cuddlers, the importance of touch, "desire discrepancy" in marriage, and the value of friendships. Online dating, she suggests, might give users too many options, and the internet facilitates "infidelity-related behaviors." Some technological advances will help us develop and maintain intimate relationships-our phones, for example, can be bridges to emotional support. Some, on the other hand, might leave us out of touch. Drouin explores both of these possibilities.

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Relationship Essentials: Skills to Feel Heard, Fight Fair, and Set Boundaries in All Areas of Life Audiobook

Relationship Essentials: Skills to Feel Heard, Fight Fair, and Set Boundaries in All Areas of Life

Author: Joneen Mackenzie, Lauren Reitsema Narrator: Mia Barron Release Date: January 2022

Build Life-Enhancing Relationships, Restore Damaged Ones, and Prevent Communication Breakdowns Before They Happen Using real-world examples, illustrations from their own lives, and a researchbased approach, dynamic daughter-mother duo Lauren Reitsema and Joneen Mackenzie guide you through familiar relationship situations. Their suggestions can be used with your partner, coworkers, children, extended family members, and friends. Drawing from their experience teaching thousands through The Center for Relationship Education, they introduce practical, easy-to-use strategies that will help you communicate more effectively and work through relationship challenges with confidence. When applied in any area of your life, these tools can have seemingly miraculous love- and life-enhancing results.

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The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water: A Novel Audiobook

The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water: A Novel

Author: Erin Bartels, Erin Bartles Narrator: Mia Barron Release Date: January 2022

The best fiction simply tells the truth. But the truth is never simple. When novelist Kendra Brennan moves into her grandfather's old cabin on Hidden Lake, she has a problem and a plan. The problem? An inflammatory letter from A Very Disappointed Reader. The plan? To confront Tyler, her childhood best friend's brother-and the man who inspired the antagonist in her first book. If she can prove that she told the truth about what happened during those long-ago summers, perhaps she can put the letter's claims to rest and meet the swiftly approaching deadline for her next book. But what she discovers as she delves into the murky past is not what she expected. While facing Tyler isn't easy, facing the consequences of her failed friendship with his sister, Cami, may be the hardest thing she's ever had to do. Plumb the depths of the human heart with this emotional exploration of how a friendship dies, how we can face the unforgivable, and how even those who have been hurt can learn to love with abandon.

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Unsafe Haven Audiobook

Unsafe Haven

Author: Lucy Burdette Narrator: Mia Barron Release Date: December 2021

A chance meeting on the New York subway leads to the destinies of two very different women becoming intertwined with terrifying consequences in this nerve-jangling thriller. Sixteen-year-old Addison is on the run. She's leaving her life on New York's streets behind for a new one with Rafe, armed with just his phone number on a scrap of paper. She's taking the subway to meet him in New Jersey. He'll take care of her. Or so she thinks ... Elizabeth Brown's world has fallen apart and she's thinking about her newly exfiancé. Until she locks eyes with a teenage girl while waiting for the train doors to open, and a bundle is thrust into her arms as she leaves the subway. A baby, wrapped in a dirty coat. Elizabeth phones the number she finds in the coat pocket. Then wishes she hadn't. Someone wants Addison and the baby. And they'll do whatever it takes to get them ...

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Disorder Audiobook


Author: Amy Crider Narrator: Mia Barron Release Date: November 2021

Amy Crider's debut psychological thriller is an endlessly satisfying page turner that will forever change the way you look at storytelling and mental illness. Graduate student Wendy Zemansky was hoping for a normal semester at an isolated university in upstate New York. Since coming off disability and starting medication for bipolar disorder, Wendy longs to feel like a "real" functioning adult, a respected colleague in her writing program. But when her roommate goes missing, Wendy plunges into an investigation that is roadblocked by vainglorious professors, specious doctors, and dubious friends. As time runs out, Wendy is forced to separate shades of suspicion amidst a swirling and uncontrollable mania, leaving her with startling lessons on what it means to persevere when everyone is seemingly against you.

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Expired Refuge Audiobook

Expired Refuge

Author: Lisa Phillips Narrator: Mia Barron Release Date: November 2021

She'll never accept his help. He'll never stop trying to protect his town. Mia Tathers is an ATF Special Agent. It's not like she needs Conroy to protect her. However, when it becomes clear someone is recreating her biggest mistake, Mia has to face her own inability to forgive Conroy for what he took from her. It's the only way she'll stay alive. In this town, Police Lieutenant Conroy Barnes is the one who fixes problems. When a blast from the past shows up, bringing danger with her, he vows to keep her safe. But the clock has expired on her refuge. Death is knocking, and Conroy is determined not to let it in.

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The Harlan Ellison Hornbook and Other Works Audiobook

The Harlan Ellison Hornbook and Other Works

Author: Harlan Ellison Narrator: Luis Moreno, Mia Barron Release Date: October 2021

The following books are included...'The Harlan Ellison Hornbook' and 'Harlan Ellison's Movie'

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Juniper Wiles Audiobook

Juniper Wiles

Author: Charles De Lint Narrator: Mia Barron Release Date: October 2021

Juniper Wiles once starred as a plucky teen detective in the popular TV show, Nora Constantine. When the series ended seven years ago, Juniper made a decision to leave L.A. and return home to Newford where she joined friends at the artists' collective, Bramleyhaugh, the center of which is her pal, beloved faerie artist Jilly Coppercorn. Now, out of the blue, the fictional world of Nora Constantine is bleeding into Newford, starting with the inexplicable murder of a young man. Juniper may have wanted to leave her role as a detective behind, but when she's accosted by the ghost of that young man everything changes. To solve this crime will require all the skills she learned training for Nora Constantine. And the effervescent Jilly, always up for a new adventure, is ready to come along for the ride.

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The Disintegrating Student: Struggling But Smart and Falling Apart... And How to Turn It Around Audiobook

The Disintegrating Student: Struggling But Smart and Falling Apart... And How to Turn It Around

Author: Jeannine Jannot Narrator: Mia Barron Release Date: July 2021

The must-read guide to getting your child back on track You know your child is bright. Until recently, school was fine-easy, even. Yet suddenly, your son or daughter is struggling academically and emotionally. Falling grades, scattered work, assignments unfinished or not turned in, outbursts and upheaval ... what is going on? And how can you help? The truth is that many smart students reach a point where they feel overwhelmed and stressed out. As their grades drop, so does their self-esteem, and this combination of external and internal pressures can seem insurmountable. To make matters worse, students feel unable to ask for or accept help. In The Disintegrating Student, Jeannine Jannot, Ph.D. draws on her decades of experience as a school psychologist, educator, and student coach to explain the reasons for this increasingly common phenomenon. Dr. Jannot identifies the skill deficits and counterproductive behaviors of disintegrating students, and provides a complete toolbox of techniques and strategies to combat them. Effective and science-based, these tools address the specific challenges faced by students and their parents, including: • organization • time management • stress • study habits • sleep • mindset • and screens. Learn how to build trust, motivate, and encourage responsibility and problem solving. Empowering and engaging, The Disintegrating Student will show you how to help your child embrace what's going right, address what's going wrong, and develop the skills needed for success in school and in life.

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Killing Rites Audiobook

Killing Rites

Author: M.L.N. Hanover Narrator: Mia Barron Release Date: June 2021

Jayné Heller has discovered the source of her uncanny powers: something else is living inside her body. She's possessed. Of all her companions, she can only bring herself to confide in Ex, the former priest. They seek help from his old teacher and the circle of friends he left behind, hoping to cleanse Jayné before the parasite in her becomes too powerful. Ex's history and a new enemy combine to leave Jayné alone and on the run. Her friends, thinking that the rider with her has taken the reins, try to hunt her down, unaware of the danger they're putting her in. Jayné must defeat the weight of the past and the murderous intent of another rider, and her only allies are a rogue vampire she once helped free and the nameless thing hiding inside her skin.

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Graveyard Child Audiobook

Graveyard Child

Author: M.L.N. Hanover Narrator: Mia Barron Release Date: June 2021

It's a homecoming, of sorts, for Jayné Heller-and she wants some longawaited answers to her past, in this fifth book in the acclaimed Black Sun's Daughter urban fantasy series. After years on her own, Jayné Heller is going home to find some answers. How did the powerful spirit calling itself the Black Sun get into her body? Who was her uncle Eric, and what was the grand plan that he devoted his life to? Who did her mother have an affair with, and why? What happened to her on her sixteenth birthday? And the tattoo-seriously-what was that about? Jayné arrives amid preparations for her older brother's shotgun wedding, but she's not the only unexpected guest. The Invisible College has come to town to stop the ceremony. And the more she learns, the more she uncovers a darkness that runs deeper than generations and stronger than blood. A missing bride and wizards bent on vengeance may be the least of her problems. Because in the shadows of Jayné's childhood home, a greater threat awaits that didn't die with her uncle. It calls itself the Graveyard Child.

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