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  1. It Happened One Summer: A Novel Audiobook It Happened One Summer: A Novel
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me Audiobook The Viscount Who Loved Me
  3. Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life Audiobook Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life
  4. The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World Audiobook The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World
  5. The Dictionary of Lost Words Audiobook The Dictionary of Lost Words
  6. The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close Audiobook The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close
  7. Arsenic and Adobo Audiobook Arsenic and Adobo
  8. The Cabinet Audiobook The Cabinet
  9. The Night Circus Audiobook The Night Circus
  10. Open Mind Audiobook Open Mind
Inspector Purbright: Five BBC Radio 4 full-cast crime dramatisations from The Flaxborough Chronicles Audiobook

Inspector Purbright: Five BBC Radio 4 full-cast crime dramatisations from The Flaxborough Chronicles

Author: Colin Watson Narrator: John Pullen, John Rowe, Peter Jeffrey Release Date: October 2021

A collection of cosy crime dramas adapted from Colin Watson's 'Flaxborough Chronicles', set in a small Lincolnshire market town in the 1960s and '70s Inspector Purbright is a thoroughly English policeman: affable, polite, dogged and decent. Created by award-winning crime writer Colin Watson, he appeared in 12 Flaxborough mysteries, four of which were adapted for BBC TV under the title Murder Most English. These five radio dramatisations star Peter Jeffrey, John Pullen and John Rowe as Purbright. Coffin, Scarcely Used - When newspaper proprietor Marcus Gwill is found dead under an electricity pylon, shortly after the death of his neighbour Harold Carobleat, Inspector Purbright investigates. He soon discovers that something very odd is going on in the seemingly respectable town of Flaxborough. Bump in the Night - Tuesday nights in Chalmsbury are becoming quite explosive: first a drinking fountain is blown to bits, then the statue of Alderman Berry is decapitated, and the following week a giant glass eye is shattered. On loan from Flaxborough CID, can Purbright find the mystery bomber? Lonelyheart 4122 - Two middle-aged women have gone missing in Flaxborough, and Purbright's investigations lead him to local marriage bureau Handclasp House. Meanwhile, the resourceful Miss Lucy Teatime has her own interest in the agency... Charity Ends At Home - The kindly detective probes dark deeds in the world of small-time animal charities - and uncovers a trail of murder and sabotage. The Naked Nuns - An intercepted telegram hints that Flaxborough is home to human traffickers - and then a tip-off arrives from America that an assassin is on the way. Soon, Inspector Purbright finds himself picking his way through a case of vice and violence... Content warning: These programmes contain strong language, and some dated attitudes. © 2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (p) 2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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24 Kildare Road: A BBC Radio mystery Audiobook

24 Kildare Road: A BBC Radio mystery

Author: Katie Hims Narrator: Amelia Bullmore, Christine Bottomley, Full Cast, John Rowe, Marcia Warren, Neil Dudgeon Release Date: February 2021

Two boys out sledging in their local park find the body of an old woman in the snow. Who is she? How did she come to be there? Over ten episodes, this compelling series moves backwards and forwards in time to reveal the chain of events that led her to that point.We meet members of her family, her friends and the people she has encountered, all of whom provide clues to help us put the puzzle together. From the police and paramedics to the nurses and residents in an old people's home, each character has their own relationships and circumstances - and on our journey to understanding the old woman's story, we hear theirs too, combining to form a brilliant kaleidoscope of modern life and love. Christine Bottomley, Marcia Warren, Neil Dudgeon, Amelia Bullmore and John Rowe are among the stars in Katie Hims' funny, poignant drama. Directed by Mary Peate Cast Ryan - Harry Grasby Jackson - Aaron Gelkoff Mick - David Reed Hayley - Christine Bottomley Kadija - Nahel Tzegai Pat/Shirley - Heather Craney Rose - Jessica Turner Frank/Taxi driver - Neil McCaul Marion - Marcia Warren Zoe - Amanda Wilkin Eve - Sinead MacInnes Bloke/Phil - Ian Conningham Eli/Ben - Greg Jones Ozzy - Ikky Elyas Ned/Baxter - Will Kirk Call Handler/Girl - Scarlett Courtney Joe - John Rowe Lee - Neil Dudgeon Saskia - Amelia Bullmore First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 3-14 February 2020

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About My Mother: True Stories of a Horse-Crazy Daughter and Her Baseball-Obsessed Mother: A Memoir Audiobook

About My Mother: True Stories of a Horse-Crazy Daughter and Her Baseball-Obsessed Mother: A Memoir

Author: Peggy Rowe Narrator: John Rowe, Peggy Rowe Release Date: November 2018

Peggy Rowe's story of growing up as the daughter of Thelma Knobel is filled with warmth and humor. But Thelma could be your mother - there's a Thelma in everyone's life. She's the person taking charge - the one who knows instinctively how things should be. Today, Thelma would be described as an alpha personality, but while growing up, her daughter Peggy saw her as a dictator - albeit a benevolent, loving one. They clashed from the beginning - Peggy, the horse-crazy tomboy, and Thelma, the genteel-yet-still-controlling mother, committed to raising two refined, ladylike daughters. Good luck. When major league baseball came to town in the early 1950s and turned sophisticated Thelma into a crazed Baltimore Orioles groupie, nobody was more surprised and embarrassed than Peggy. Life became a series of compromises - Thelma tolerating a daughter who pitched manure and galloped the countryside, while Peggy learned to tolerate the whacky Orioles fan who threw her underwear at the television, shouted insults at umpires, and lived by the orange-and-black schedule taped to the refrigerator door. Sometimes it takes a little distance to appreciate the people we love.

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Young Victoria: A BBC Radio 4 drama Audiobook

Young Victoria: A BBC Radio 4 drama

Author: Juliet Ace Narrator: , Adrian Lukis, Anna Massey, Christopher Cazenove, Imogen Stubbs, John Rowe, Selina Cadell Release Date: August 2018

A girl becomes a Queen... This illuminating serial charts the transformation of the young Victoria from spirited teenager to shy young bride to celebrated ruler of Britain and 'Mother of Europe'. But while her roles changed, her essential nature remained the same: vibrant, passionate, principled and fiercely independent. Through extracts from Victoria's own diaries and letters, and dramatised episodes featuring the characters closest to her, we are given a thrilling insight into the thoughts and feelings of the woman behind the crown - and the secrets of her mind and heart. The key events of her life are revealed in a new perspective - from her coronation, which captured the heart of a nation; to her blissful wedding and honeymoon; the birth of her nine children and the death of her beloved Albert. Adapted by acclaimed scriptwriter Juliet Ace and featuring a star cast including Adrian Lukis, Anna Massey and Christopher Cazenove, this magical drama paints a detailed portrait of Victoria's younger life, revealing some of the remarkable and long-lasting achievements of this extraordinary queen. Cast Victoria...Imogen Stubbs Duchess of Kent...Anna Massey Prince Albert...Adrian Lukis Baroness Lehzen...Selina Cadell Sir John Conroy/MP/Lord Aberdeen...John Rowe Lord Melbourne...Christopher Cazenove WAG/Prince Ernest/Page/Anson/Cubitt...Andrew Wincott William IV/Stockmar/Peel...Terence Edmond Prince of Wales Bertie/Paxton...Thomas Arnold Princess Vicky/Helena...Clare Corbett Prince of Wales Bertie (as a child)...George Allonby Produced and directed by Cherry Cookson

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On Mardle Fen: Series 1-6: The Complete BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramas Audiobook

On Mardle Fen: Series 1-6: The Complete BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramas

Author: Nick Warburton Narrator: , Helen Longworth, John Rowe, Kate Buffery, Sam Dale, Trevor Peacock Release Date: June 2018

Trevor Peacock (The Vicar of Dibley) stars as inspired chef Warwick Hedges, in this comedy drama set in an idiosyncratic restaurant in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Warwick’s son Jack works alongside his father, which makes him permanently anxious. They are assisted by Samuel, an earthy odd-job man "who crawled out of the slime with the eels", and Zofia the Polish waitress. Whether hosting unusual guests, dealing with flooding, fuelling father-son rivalry, or moving strange stones from the edge of the Fen to his restaurant 'at his own peril', Warwick certainly keeps Mardle Fen on its toes.The mixture of food, family relationships and Fenland legend is handled with Nick Warburton's characteristic deft comic touch. Cast:Warwick Hedges.....Trevor Peacock Jack Hedges.....Sam DaleZofia.....Helen LongworthSamuel.....John Rowe Marcia Hedges.....Kate Buffery Other parts played by Chris Pavlo, Liza Sadovy, Christine Kavanagh, Liz Sutherland, Lizzy Watts, Victoria Inez Hardy, Malcolm Tierney, Paul Rider, Lauren Mote, Claire Rushbrook, Tony Bell, Adam Billington, Ben Crowe, Tilly Tremayne, Paul Bazely and Gyles Brandreth.Produced and directed by Claire Grove.

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The Nation's Favourite Lakeland Poems Audiobook

The Nation's Favourite Lakeland Poems

Enjoy the best of Lakeland poets Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey in this specially selected anthology, including The Two-Part Prelude, Wordsworth's own shortened version of his great autobiographical work The Prelude, and Coleridge's celebrated Kubla Khan. John Rowe, Alex Jennings and Stephen Critchlow read these perfect evocations of majestic Cumbrian scenery.

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Philip and Sydney: A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation Audiobook

Philip and Sydney: A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation

Author: Alan Pollock Narrator: Gunnar Cauthrey, John Rowe, Melody Grove, Pip Carter, Sam Dale, Tim Mcinnerny Release Date: March 2011

In 'This be the Verse', the poet Philip Larkin famously bemoans the impact parents have on their children. In 'Philip and Sydney', playwright, translator and screenwriter Alan Pollock uncovers some of the reasons why Larkin may have had such a profound sense of anguish. In 1937, Philip Larkin's father, Sydney, took him on holiday to Germany. Sydney was Coventry's City Treasurer and had a keen interest in the Nazi regime. It was a holiday that Philip never spoke of. But, taking inspiration from Sydney's diaries, 'Philip and Sydney' imagines what might have happened during their trip. With Pip Carter and Tim McInnerny in the title roles, the cast also stars Melody Grove, John Rowe, Sam Dale and Gunnar Cauthery. Directed by Kirsty Williams. First broadcast as the 'Afternoon Play' on 11 June 2010.

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Peter Lorre vs. Peter Lorre: A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation Audiobook

Peter Lorre vs. Peter Lorre: A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation

Towards the end of his unique career, movie star Peter Lorre found himself at the centre of an unusual legal case. Incorporating verbatim extracts from the court transcripts, Michael Butt's play wonders what was going through Lorre's troubled mind as he fought to protect his name and identity. Features a cast including Stephen Greif as Peter Lorre, Peter Marinker as Lester Salkow, Kerry Shale as Robert Shutan and John Chancer as Curtis Gemmil. Also starring Helen Longworth, Kenneth Collard, Nathan Osgood and John Rowe. Directed by Toby Swift. Originally broadcast as the 'Afternoon Play' on 10 May 2010.

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Tamburlaine  Shadow Of God (BBC Radio 3  Drama On 3) Audiobook

Tamburlaine Shadow Of God (BBC Radio 3 Drama On 3)

Author: John Fletcher Narrator: A Full Cast, Conleth Hill, Jeffery Kissoon, John Rowe Release Date: February 2011

John Fletcher's BBC Radio 3 full-cast play explores the dramatic clash between three key historical figures: a warlord, a historian and a poet. Originally broadcast in Radio 3's 'Drama on 3' slot on 16 November 2008. As war swirls around them, three of the most important figures in the history of the Middle and Near East are brought together in fierce debate: how can a successful society be built, and what does it need to do to endure? The play draws together Tamburlaine, conqueror of the world, and two of his contemporaries: Ibn Khaldun, the world's first sociologist, and Hafez, the great Sufi mystic and poet. 'Tamburlaine: Shadow of God' is a blood-soaked history and a serious debate, exploring three very different views of the philosophy on which a successful society should be built, and the values it needs to espouse in order to endure. Jeffery Kissoon plays Tamburlaine, John Rowe plays Ibn Khaldun with Conleth Hill as Hafez. The cast also includes Jonathan Taffler, Inam Mirza, Stephen Critchlow, Dan Starkey, Donna Hughes, Chris Pavlo, Gunnar Cauthery and Robert Lonsdale. Directed by Marc Beeby.

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And Then There Were None Audiobook

And Then There Were None

Author: Agatha Christie Narrator: Geoffrey Whitehead, John Rowe, Lyndsey Marshal Release Date: December 2010

Ten guests travel to an island at the invitation of someone named U.N. Owen. All are strangers, but they have two things in common: they have all been responsible for someone's death, and none will leave the island alive. Over the next two days and nights, each of the guests is killed off in a different manner in keeping with the nursery rhyme, 'Ten Little Soldier Boys'. As they are picked off one by one, who could possibly be responsible? The killers are forced to turn detective so they can find the unknown murderer, but one by one they become victims... Billed as 'the famous detective story without a detective', And Then There Were None is one of Agatha Christie's darkest and most enduring tales.

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The Canterbury Tales II Audiobook

The Canterbury Tales II

Author: Geoffrey Chaucer Narrator: John Rowe, Various, Various Readers Release Date: June 2002

Four more delightful tales from one of the most entertaining storytellers of all time. Though writing in the thirteenth century, Chaucer's wit and observation comes down undiminished through the ages, especially in this accessible modern verse translation. The stories vary considerably from the uproarious Wife of Bath's Tale, promoting the power of women to the sober account of patient Griselda in the Clerk's Tale.

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