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Audiobooks by NPR

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. The Therapist Audiobook The Therapist
  2. The Dream Weavers Audiobook The Dream Weavers
  3. Working Hard, Hardly Working: How to achieve more, stress less and feel fulfilled Audiobook Working Hard, Hardly Working: How to achieve more, stress less and feel fulfilled
  4. The Summer Job: The most feel-good romcom of 2021 soon to be a TV series Audiobook The Summer Job: The most feel-good romcom of 2021 soon to be a TV series
  5. Dreamland Audiobook Dreamland
  6. The Wolf Den Audiobook The Wolf Den
  7. Transcendent Kingdom Audiobook Transcendent Kingdom
  8. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse Audiobook The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse
  9. One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time Audiobook One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time
  10. Outlander 'International Edition' Audiobook Outlander 'International Edition'
NPR Road Trips Collection Audiobook

NPR Road Trips Collection

Author: NPR Narrator: Noah Adams Release Date: November 2016

With frequent stops at pop culture meccas, and unforgettable encounters with humans of singular interest, the NPR Road Trips series introduces you not only to far-off locations and unusual destinations, but to the people who inhabit them-and seek them out. Each story focuses on real locations, real people, and real history in the thought-provoking, imaginative and entertaining way you've come to expect from NPR. Includes five unique collections assembled especially for the family drive to Yellowstone-and for armchair travelers as well: Family Vacations Roadside Attractions Postcards from Around the Globe National Park Adventures Fairs and Festivals

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NPR The Best of Pop Culture Happy Hour Audiobook

NPR The Best of Pop Culture Happy Hour

Author: NPR Narrator: Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson Release Date: August 2015

An energetic, fun-filled round table from NPR exploring the many ways entertainment intersects with day-to-day life. NPR's popular podcast features spirited roundtable discussions covering a wild and unpredictable landscape of pop culture subject matter, from the phenomenon of the fiasco (the result of ambition that exceeds competency) to "Pop Culture Carbon Dating" (why some cultural markers age well and others not at all). Hosts Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson and Glen Weldon are joined by a parade of insightful commentators, each lending hilarious perspective and pop culture expertise to conversations that will deepen your appreciation for the modern cultural landscape-and leave you smiling. Featuring: • Pop Culture Debuts with Ari Shapiro • Public Radio Voices with Gene Demby and Tanya Ballard Brown • Nudity with Maggie Thompson • The Art of the Mixtape with Audie Cornish • Outtakes and Bloopers with Guy Raz • Movie Trailers with Bob Mondello • Profanity with Trey Graham • Fiascos with Gene Demby • Hollywood in the White House with Ari Shapiro • Pop Culture Carbon Dating with Audie Cornish

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NPR Driveway Moments More About Animals: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go Audiobook

NPR Driveway Moments More About Animals: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go

Author: Christopher Joyce, NPR Narrator: Christopher Joyce Release Date: May 2015

If you listen to NPR, you've had at least one "driveway moment." You're sitting in your parked car, hooked by a story, needing to hear it all the way through. More About Animalsfeatures stories of fascinating encounters with our friends from the animal kingdom-some whose behavior seems eerily familiar, some of whom we would like to know better, and some who continue to dazzle us with their wild and mysterious beauty. As these stories reveal, our bond with the animals all around us grows deeper as we discover new and creative ways to share the planet.

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NPR American Chronicles: First Ladies Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: First Ladies

Author: NPR Narrator: NPR Release Date: February 2015

Hosted by Cokie Roberts. While the role of the first lady has changed dramatically over the course of the nation's history, one thing remains constant: Americans have always been fascinated by the wives of the President. This collection features in-depth profiles of many of our beloved, inspiring, and occasionally enigmatic first ladies, including Martha Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama.

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NPR Driveway Moments Love Stories: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go Audiobook

NPR Driveway Moments Love Stories: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go

Author: NPR Narrator: Kelly McEvers Release Date: November 2014

If you listen to NPR, you've had at least one "driveway moment." You're sitting in your parked car, hooked by a story, needing to hear it all the way through. NPR celebrates the emotional bonds we share with this audio valentine that will warm hearts all year round. The story of an ex-monk and an ex-nun who form a family, as told by their son. The story of letters that continue to arrive from all over the world, addressed simply to Juliet, Verona, Italy. The softer side of Lyndon Johnson revealed in his letters to Lady Bird. A writer's true love for her beloved Volvo. The legend of Somalia's lovesick baker and the girl whose love he could not win. Lynda Barry on spring, thunderstorms, memories, and love. This heartfelt edition of Driveway Moments explores the surprising places we find love and the inspiring ways in which our most important relationships flourish. Featuring: -The Love Story Deconstructed -Happily Married Couples Tell Tales -Father's Cufflinks Spark Thoughts About Love -Online Dating's Siren Song -Late -Blooming Aunt Ruth and Her Haphazard Romances -Adopted Son from China Transformed and Healed by Love -Finding Love at the Hebrew Home for the Aged -Alzheimer's Disease Releases Couple to Love Again And more.

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NPR Laughter Therapy: Funny for a Living Audiobook

NPR Laughter Therapy: Funny for a Living

Author: NPR Narrator: Ophira Eisenberg Release Date: September 2014

This extended session of Laughter Therapy explores the history of all things funny, presenting a cornucopia of comedy from the pioneers of vaudeville and the silent film era, to the wildly creative innovators that transformed television in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, to the modern practitioners that continue to bend the boundaries of comedy today. Chronically serious? Prepare to be cured by this collection of revealing profiles and interviews with some of the funniest personalities ever. Featuring: -Charlie Chaplin -Buster Keaton -Groucho Marx -Sid Caesar -Ernie Kovacs -Bob and Ray -Imogene Coca -Mel Brooks -Carl Reiner -Bob Newhart -Jonathan Winters -Bill Cosby -Phyllis Diller -Joan Rivers -Jerry Seinfeld -Conan O’Brien -Amy Poehler -Margaret Cho -Jim Gaffigan -Sarah Silverman

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NPR American Chronicles: World War I Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: World War I

Author: NPR Narrator: Rachel Martin, Rachel Rain Martin Release Date: April 2014

Famously referred to by US president Woodrow Wilson as “the war to end all wars,” the first world war eclipsed all previous wars with its scale of destruction. With over twenty-seven nations involved, the battle-field horrors and political outcomes of the first truly global military conflict had repercussions that are still felt today. NPR presents a vivid portrait of what most experts consider the first modern war, including profiles of America’s flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker, unlikely savior of war-torn Belgium Herbert Hoover, and the last surviving doughboy Frank Buckles. Contents: Introduction by Rachel Martin Washington’s World War I Memorial Stumbling Into World War I, Like Sleepwalkers 1913 Leads a Tour of the World a Century Ago A Race Against Time to Find WWI’s Last Doughboys The Human Toll of the War To End All Wars National World War I Museum Frank Buckles: Last U.S. Veteran of World War I Belgian Exhibit Honors Hoover’s WWI Effort Christmas Truce Battle of the River Aisne WWI Poetry: The Words of War Ground War: Winston Rochet Last Post: Final Thoughts from Britain’s WWI Vets Diary Provides Black Soldier’s View of WWI Battle of the Somme France Pays Tribute to Early U.S. Fighter Pilots Thomas Sopwith, Plane Designer “Fast Eddie” Rickenbacker Robert K. Massie’s Castles of Steel Veterans Day Journey Ends Near WWI Trenches New Clues in Lusitania’s Sinking Germany’s Last WWI Debt Artists’ Masks Hid Wounds of WWI Soldiers WWI Munitions Still Live Beneath Western Front 11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour The Middle East and the West: WWI and Beyond The Bonus Army: How a Protest Led to the GI Bill The Savage Peace of 1919, Relevant Today Pete Seeger on His Uncle, Alan Seeger

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More Tinsel Tales: Favorite Christmas Stories from NPR Audiobook

More Tinsel Tales: Favorite Christmas Stories from NPR

Author: NPR Narrator: David Greene Release Date: October 2013

With all the promise of an overstuffed stocking on Christmas morning, this collection from NPR is brimming with stories that will soon be holiday classics.

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NPR American Chronicles: Exploring Space Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: Exploring Space

Author: NPR Narrator: Joe Palca Release Date: August 2013

From the competitive spirit ignited by Sputnik to the tragedies and triumphs of the Apollo missions, from the technological leap forward created by the Space Shuttle to the global cooperation forged by the International Space Station and beyond, NPR examines the inspirational story of modern space exploration and the extraordinary individuals who made it possible. Featuring in-depth profiles of landmark missions, along with interviews and commentary from voices that have lived the dream, including astronauts John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Bernard Harris, Sally Ride, and many more. Contents: -Introduction by Joe Palca-So You Want to Be an Astronaut -A History of Manned Space Travel-Sputnik, Space Race Mirror a Personal Journey -Legacy of Space Race on U.S. Education-Space Race Permeated Pop Culture-Khrushchev, Schorr Look Back on Sputnik-Sputnik in Space and Song -Explorer I, America's Answer to Sputnik-John Glenn, a Hero Well Before Orbiting Earth -John Glenn on 50 Years Since His First Orbit -The Mercury 13: Training U.S. Women for Space -NASA's Longest Serving Astronaut Retires-Apollo 8 Moon Mission Still Awes-Early Days of NASA-Reflections on the Apollo I Disaster-Apollo 11 Moon Landing -Houston, We Erased the Apollo 11 Tapes -Apollo 15: The First Space Walk-Apollo 17 Lands on the Moon -Mr. Rogers and Apollo 15-One Small Town's Big Role in the Apollo Missions-A Small Step to the Moon, Giant Leap to Mars -Introducing the Space Shuttle -The First Space Shuttle Lifts Off -For Bernard Harris, More than "One Small Step for Man"-Challenger Disaster -Eileen Collins, Shuttle Commander, Inspires-Woman Astronaut Sally Ride-Columbia Disaster-Shuttle Legacy: Grand, Though Not What Was Planned -Curiosity Is on Mars, Now What?-Aboard the Space Station, It's a Beautiful World -Last Hubble Repair Mission-Space Station's Best Days Are Still Ahead-Vacation in Space? Possible . . . For the Rich -Virtual Space Elevator

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NPR Laughter Therapy: A Comedy Collection for the Chronically Serious Audiobook

NPR Laughter Therapy: A Comedy Collection for the Chronically Serious

Author: NPR Narrator: Peter Sagal Release Date: April 2013

Looking for an alternative to the seriously reliable, soothing yet informative sound of NPR? Try NPR! Prepare to be surprised by this collection of interviews with some of the funniest personalities on the planet, and by the memorable, unbelievable news that delights NPR listeners on the 1st of April each year. Featuring comedy legends and NPR favorites:-Introduction by Peter Sagal-The World According to Stephen Colbert-OK Go's Damian Kulash Crafts Pro Dial-Up Anthem-An Anthropologist Walks Into a Bar-Drew Carey Plays Not My Job-Roaches Drive Comedian to Bunk at Ikea-The Ups and Downs of Paula Poundstone-Phyllis Diller: Still Out for a Laugh-Starbucks' Coffee Pipeline-Joan Rivers Hates You, Herself, and Everyone Else-New York City Preschool Starts DNA Testing for Admission-Mo Rocca's Hard Hitting Look at Presidential Pets-Which Supreme Court Justice Cracks the Most Jokes?-Backstage With Fred Willard and Martin Mull-Dog Talk-Eugene Levy Stays Smart, Even in the Cheapest Gag-Lunacorp to Project Images on the Moon-Mel Brooks, "Unhinged" and Loving It

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NPR American Chronicles: The Vietnam War Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: The Vietnam War

Author: NPR Narrator: Audie Cornish Release Date: January 2013

NPR reports on the Vietnam War, from its origins to the major battles, through the Fall of Saigon, to repercussions of the conflict still felt today. Contents: -Introduction by Audie Cornish -At the Vietnam War Memorial -May Day War Protest in Washington, D.C. -Gulf of Tonkin's Phantom Attack -POW Wives -Ruth Harrison-Soldiers' Stories: Protesting Vietnam -A Red Cross Worker's War Memories -Dick Gregory: Ideologies and War -A Soldier's Daughter -Dangerous Man' Daniel Ellsberg Reflects -A Vietnam Vet in His Own Words -Cronkite on Vietnam War -McNamara, Morris, and The Fog of War -The Vietnam War, Through Eddie Adams' Lens -"Zippo Songs" of Vietnam -At Vietnam Memorial, Unlikely Bond Began -My Lai Eyewitness -A Wartime Diary Touches Vietnamese -Vietnam Homecoming: Communism and Memories -Forgotten Ship: A Daring Rescue as Saigon Fell -Shots Still Reverberate for Survivors of Kent State -Billy Bang's "Vietnam: The Aftermath" -Remembering Reunification-Goodbye, Saigon-Saigons and Bygones

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NPR Road Trips: Fairs and Festivals: Stories That Take You Away . . . Audiobook

NPR Road Trips: Fairs and Festivals: Stories That Take You Away . . .

Author: NPR Narrator: Noah Adams Release Date: June 2012

Step right up as the gates swing open at fairgrounds across the USA. This delightful collection explores the unique joys of the public gatherings that take place in cities and small towns, when people of all stripes and sizes meet to gawk at cows, ponder seed art, get hypnotized, compete in husband-calling contests, and eat virtually anything on a stick. Farming, food, politics, parades, shilling, glad-handing, people-watching, and silliness are celebrated here. If you've been to a fair or festival, you'll love this collection. If you haven't, here's what you've been missing. Contents: -Introduction by Noah Adams -Garrison Keillor at the Minnesota State Fair -Postcard: Texas State Fair -A Break from Politics at the County Fair -Hard Work, Some Play at the Iowa State Fair -Swine Bring "Olympig" Racing to County Fairs -Postcard: Collectibles at the Fair -"Lovey" Replaces "Sooey" in Husband -Calling Contest -The Minnesota State Fair on a Stick -Voices from the National Cornbread Festival -Iowa's Butter Cow Lady -Competitive Wood Chopping in West Virginia -Mountain View Folk Festival -Melvin the Human Blockhead -The Phelps of Food Canning -The Funnel Cake King -On the Midway: A Fairbanks Carnival -Lost and Found Sound: Carnival Talkers

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