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We That Are Young

A breathtaking re-imagining of King Lear as a family feud set in contemporary India - a darkly mesmerising and fascinating epic of a tale, one that is all-consuming and fiercely beautiful.

Book Cover for We That Are Young by Preti Taneja

The Lost Letters of William Woolf

Explores the intersection between magic and reality in the romantically troubled life of a letter detective in a wonderfully imaginative novel.

Book Cover for The Lost Letters of William Woolf by Helen Cullen


An absolute belter of a crime novel with a real kick...

Book Cover for Overkill by Vanda Symon

I Invited Her In

Immerse yourself in this chilling, gripping, psychological thriller. It's an addictive page-turner and I couldn't put it down.

Book Cover for I Invited Her In  by Adele Parks

Don't You Cry

Make sure the edge of your seat is comfortable, as you’ll be spending a fair bit of time on it with this distinctive read.

Book Cover for Don't You Cry  by Cass Green

The Promise

A psychopath preys on lonely women and lures them into his trap using a dating website. But DS Imogen Grey is back and on the case as three separate stories unravel and we see the light in a dark dark crime novel.

Book Cover for The Promise by Katerina Diamond

A Place for Us

A deeply reflective and moving debut about a Pakistani immigrant family in America trying to find out what happened to their rebellious son.

Book Cover for A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza

Perfect Ten

A scalpel-sharp, un-put-down-able psychological thriller in which a wronged woman exacts revenge on her abusively controlling, serial philandering ex.

Book Cover for Perfect Ten by Jacqueline Ward

Where Has Mummy Gone?

A captivating read, its bittersweet ending brought tears to my eyes, touched me deeply and left me thinking.

Book Cover for Where Has Mummy Gone?  by Cathy Glass

What Falls Between the Cracks

Did she slip through the cracks, or was she pushed? Natasha Barclay has not been seen in decades. But why has no one been looking for her?

Book Cover for What Falls Between the Cracks by Robert Scragg

My Child's Different

An insightful and helpful book with a compelling story that instils the importance of positivity in parenting and everyday life.

Book Cover for My Child's Different by Elaine Halligan

Paris Echo

A moving tale not to be missed, from the pen of a beautiful story-teller. An unlikely pair are flung together by chance each on a quest for truth.

Book Cover for Paris Echo by Sebastian Faulks

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