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Graham Hurley Book and Novel

Graham Hurley - Author

Graham Hurley is an award-winning TV documentary maker who now writes full time. He lived in Portsmouth for 20 years. He is married and has grown up children. He now lives in Exmouth, Devon.

Maxim Jakubowski's view on JOE FARADAY...

The investigations of a Portsmouth cop and a fascinating look into crime on the British coast. If you like Ian Rankin’s Rebus, this should be your next step. NO LOVELIER DEATH is the 9th book in the Faraday series.

A Q & A with Graham Hurley

Who’s your favourite author?
The Alan Furst of The Polish Officer and The World at Night.

Where do you live? And why?
Portsmouth. Because so many people ask me why.

What’s the greatest influence on your writing?
Lin Rowden.

What is your philosophy for life?
Check the tide tables and watch for eddies.

Have you had any formal tuition in creative writing? If so, where and what? Did you find it useful?
BA/MA Cambridge University (English – no help at all). No formal tuition in creative writing except a pathological nosiness and a fascination with story. Profound doubts about collective literary endeavour. Why? Because, in the end, writing is a solitary business.

Did you always want to be an author? If not, what did you originally want to be and when and why did you change your mind?
Yes. And like most authors, I’m not sure why. But – emphatically – yes.

Who do you most admire and why?
My mum (seriously). Because she’s never failed to make the very best of an occasionally dodgy hand. Huge fortitude.

What jobs did you have before you started writing?
Ice cream salesman, deckchair attendant, lifeguard, prep school teacher (scripture and cricket), Radio Victory reporter, TV promotion scriptwriter, TV researcher, TV documentary director/producer, Oz TV cop series writer.

If your house was burning down what would you save?
Lin Rowden, the cats, a framed photo of the Otter estuary, me.

What do you do when you are not writing? How do you relax? What are your hobbies?
Sailing, cycling, nosing around, tussling with French, dreaming of the day Tony Blair resigns.

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Featured Books, with extracts, by Graham Hurley

The Sins of the Father
Graham Hurley
A Maxim Jakubowski selected title. Despite twelve sterling titles in his Faraday and Winter gritty and atmospheric Portsmouth-set cop series, Graham Hurley is still a sorely under-appreciated crime writer, whom I would...
Format: Hardback - Released: 20/11/2014
Lovereading Price: £15.19 - Saving £3.80 (20%)
Reader Reviewed Western Approaches
Graham Hurley
December 2013 Book of the Month. Creator of the Portsmouth-based Joe Faraday police procedural novels takes a bit character from that long series, one Jimmy Suttle, and moves him, his wife and...
Format: Paperback - Released: 21/11/2013
Lovereading Price: £7.19 - Saving £1.80 (20%)
Western Approaches
Graham Hurley
January 2013 Book of the Month. After killing off DI Faraday, Graham Hurley starts a new crime series with DS Jimmy Suttle who moves to the West Country for a quieter life...
Format: Hardback - Released: 27/12/2012
Lovereading Price: £13.59 - Saving £3.40 (20%)
Happy Days
Graham Hurley
This is the 12th and final Faraday and Winter Portsmouth-based police procedural mystery. As the book opens with the discovery of DI Faraday’s body this really is the end of an era. The series of books with their compelling and...
Format: Paperback - Released: 11/10/2012
Lovereading Price: £6.39 - Saving £1.60 (20%)
Borrowed Light
Graham Hurley
December 2011 Book of the Month. Set in Portsmouth this series, with D I Joe Faraday and ex cop Paul Winter, gets better and better. Well plotted, compelling and realistic characters make...
Format: Paperback - Released: 24/11/2011
Lovereading Price: £6.39 - Saving £1.60 (20%)
Beyond Reach
Graham Hurley
A brutal hit-and-run killing opens the path to another 25-year-old crime. The brilliant new novel in the acclaimed Faraday series, from the author of NO LOVELIER DEATH.
Format: Paperback - Released: 20/01/2011
Lovereading Price: £6.39 - Saving £1.60 (20%)
Cut To Black
Graham Hurley
The fifth Portsmouth-based DI Joe Faraday thriller gives further insight into this developing character as his son J-J faces a manslaughter charge. The publishers tell me Hurley’s sales’ position is higher than Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels when he delivered his...
Format: Paperback - Released: 21/01/2010
Lovereading Price: £7.19 - Saving £1.80 (20%)
No Lovelier Death
Graham Hurley
January 2010 Book of the Month. The latest instalment from Graham Hurley sees Faraday and Winter pitted against each other in another fantastic police procedural. Gruesome murders and crime lords...
Format: Paperback - Released: 21/01/2010
Lovereading Price: £6.39 - Saving £1.60 (20%)
No Lovelier Death
Graham Hurley
JOE FARADAY - the investigations of a Portsmouth cop and a fascinating look into crime on the British coast. If you like Ian Rankin’s Rebus, this should be your next step. NO LOVELIER DEATH is the 9th book in...
Format: Hardback - Released: 19/02/2009
Lovereading Price: £7.99 - Saving £2.00 (20%)
The Price of Darkness
Graham Hurley
The 8th Joe Faraday novel has DC Winter undercover, dangerous and wondering if crime might just pay! This is perhaps the author’s best book yet, dark, hypnotic, well-crafted and very impressive police procedural stuff. You’ll love it. Comparison:
Format: Paperback - Released: 05/02/2009
Lovereading Price: £5.59 - Saving £1.40 (20%)
One Under
Graham Hurley
A really gripping page-turner with totally unexpected resolutions. Hurley just gets better with each book. This one involves two separate cases being investigated by two friends, DI Joe Faraday who plays by the book, and DC Paul Winter who is...
Format: Paperback - Released: 31/08/2007
Lovereading Price: £5.59 - Saving £1.40 (20%)
Blood and Honey
Graham Hurley
A Portsmouth/Isle of Wight police procedural tale, the sixth in the Joe Faraday series, jumps the reader from one crime to another eventually linking them, but for most of the time it could almost be two books. The rather...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 06/09/2006
Lovereading Price: £6.39 - Saving £1.60 (20%)
Graham Hurley
When a prison guard is found murdered Joe Faraday begins investigating and finds the victim is not the most savoury of characters himself. Another meaty investigation with brilliant characterisation and twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Graham...
Format: Paperback - Released: 06/09/2006
Lovereading Price: £5.59 - Saving £1.40 (20%)
Blood and Honey
Graham Hurley
Graham Hurley is at the forefront of British crime and he has written a particularly vivid and realistic novel of the overwhelming tide of 21st century crime.
Format: Hardback - Released: 19/01/2006
Lovereading Price: £7.99 - Saving £2.00 (20%)
Angels Passing
Graham Hurley
Faraday once again pounding the streets of Portsmouth’s unforgiving city. As well as a gritty, edgy police procedural Hurley makes a valid social comment on the breakdown of society that nobody seems to care about. Great characters and plotlines keep...
Format: Paperback - Released: 03/04/2003
Lovereading Price: £5.59 - Saving £1.40 (20%)
Touching Distance
Graham Hurley
A killing without mercy. A crime with no motive. A thriller from the author of the highly acclaimed Faraday and Winter novels.
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/01/2015
Lovereading Price: £7.19 - Saving £1.80 (20%)

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