Blood Ninja

Paperback edition released 01/09/2010

by Nick Lake

Part of the Blood Ninja Series

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LoveReading Expert Review of Blood Ninja

An exciting read with a really lovely premise, that the extraordinary skill and speed of ninjas come from the fact that they are all vampires.  This blending of genres really works.  It’s officially a young adult’s read but it has great cross-over appeal.  Fast, fun, full of fights, thrills and highly likeable characters, I can’t wait for the next one.

Comparison: Ursula Le Guin, James Patterson (Maximum Ride series), Lian Hearn (Across the Nightingale Floor series).

Sarah Broadhurst

Blood Ninja Synopsis

Taro is a boy from a coastal village in rural Japan, fated to become a fisherman like his father. But in just one night, Taro's world is turned upside down - and his destiny is changed forever. Skilled in the art of silent and deadly combat, ninjas are the agents of powerful nobles who rule sixteenth-century Japan. So why did a group of these highly trained assassins creep into a peasant's hut and kill Taro's father? And why did one ninja rescue Taro from their clutches, saving his life at enormous cost? Now on the run with this mysterious saviour and his best friend Hiro, Taro is determined to learn the way of the ninja to avenge his father's death. But if they are to complete their perilous journey, Taro must first evade the wrath of the warring Lords, decipher an ancient curse, resist forbidden love - and come to terms with the blood-soaked secrets of a life lived in moonlight.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781848873889
Publication date: 1st September 2010
Author: Nick Lake
Publisher: Corvus an imprint of Atlantic Books
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 416 pages
Primary Genre Fantasy

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Nick Lake Press Reviews

'A fast-paced, gripping book, with ninjas. It's all I ask for, really.'
Conn Iggulden

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ISBN: 9781848873889
Publication date: 01/09/2010
Format: Paperback

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Nick Lake is 29 years old and a children's book editor at HarperCollins. He lives in London with his English teacher wife, Hannah. Nick Lake Q&A: Previous occupations:Student, and then book editor. Which I still am.Favourite job:Being a book editor. No one told me at school that there was a job where you got paid for being a fan of writers and writing.    High school and/or college: I went to High School in Luxembourg, and I went to Oxford University after that for a degree and then a fairly pointless masters. In ...

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