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"his is a good read for those who enjoy a clever thriller with a bit of a difference."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Short Review A break-in to a house finds the intruder having to make multiple decisions to plan his getaway. Once inside, he discovers the recently shot house owner is present, but is anyone else armed still within the house? A cat and mouse situation develops in this enthralling tale. Full Review This thriller focuses on the scene of a break-in to a house set in the mountains owned by businessman, Sam. The motive for the intruder is to steal money to fund treatment for his daughter who is wheelchair bound. As the plot unfolds, the main focus is on the tense, shrewd dialogue between Austin, the burglar and Sam, the house owner as he bleeds profusely from his bullet wound. But wait, is there a third person in the house who has recently shot Sam, then left, or are they still there, and if present, will they shoot again? There is a wry exchange between Sam and Austin about the possibility of a third person being present, if they can trust each other, and how they should proceed. The pace of the book moves quickly once the police arrive at the house and begin their investigation. Edgar and Giordano are the detectives tasked with unravelling what happened at the mountainside house. No stone is left unturned until they piece together what happened on that eventful night. Throughout their investigation they discover clues and clever twists as they reach their conclusion. This is a good read for those who enjoy a clever thriller with a bit of a difference.

Kathryn Carruthers, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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