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A New Beginning

"Another entertaining and immersive read for fans of historical adventures and historical fiction."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A story of people brought together and pulled apart by the long shadow cast by war. Set in France during the Second World War ‘A New Beginning’ by Barry Cole follows Sergeant Albert Clemens as he encounters a young Joliane when seeking sanctuary and assistance for his two wounded comrades at a convent. What follows is a rapid connection which sees Albert do whatever is necessary to keep Joliane safe as they run away together. But will a bond formed in war and maintained with blood, stay strong? I am familiar with the author’s work, having read ‘The Letter’, another standalone historical fiction by Barry Cole. In Cole’s latest novel the author has again succeeded in delivering an immersive and character driven story. I thought the storyline and relationship between Albert and Joliane unfolds at an unbelievably quick pace, although it does emphasise the characters' environment and that in war having a future isn't certain. Cole’s writing paints a picture that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the story as Albert and Joliane search for a place to start a life together. The characters throughout are multifaceted and as in his previous book, you learn more about even the side characters, which adds an extra layer of dimension to the book. There's also lots of twists to keep things from running smoothly. Another entertaining and immersive read for fans of historical adventures and historical fiction.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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