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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

One of our Great Reads you may have missed in 2011.

A thriller with a twist, the baddies are the descendants of angels. They have oppressed humanity throughout our history. Based on old Bible passages and strange mythology, it’s a really wonderful idea. Flashing back to 1930’s France for a middle section, it is mostly set in millennial upstate New York as a young nun and an art historian discover that the world holds stranger things than they ever believed. I really hope there’s more to come.


The Lovereading view...

Reading like fast paced action movie the obvious comparison is with the Da Vinci Code although the inclusion of actual angels gives it a slightly supernatural element. Great characters and a twisting plot line make for a great action thriller, full of suspense and mystery.


May 2010 Good Housekeeping selection.


The Good Housekeeping view...

Angelology is set to go stratospheric – comparisons with Dan Brown abound and the film rights have been sold to Columbia Pictures. Full of edge-of-the-seat adventure, the book sees a young nun and an art historian uncover proof of the existence of angels, which triggers the hunt for a priceless treasure and reignites a battle between good and evil.

Sarah Broadhurst

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