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Christ the Lord

by Anne Rice

eBooks of the Month Historical Fiction

LoveReading View on Christ the Lord

I wasn'€™t entirely sure how to take this book.  It'€™s a novel of Jesus Christ as a child. Written in the first person, it follows his development as he slowly becomes aware of his powers, questions, learns, dreams and ponders, eventually discovering the magic of his birth and his role in life.  But really it’s the author attempting to understand Jesus himself and how Christianity emerged.  It’s also a great historical novel, thoroughly researched and startling in many way.

Comparison: Difficult since this is the life of Christ but try Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent or Margaret George’s Mary, Called Magdalene.
Similar this month: None.

Sarah Broadhurst

Christ the Lord Synopsis

Incomparable in its boldness and daring, this is the book that Anne Rice was born to write: a novel about the formative years of the greatest immortal of all, a visceral rendering of part of the greatest story ever told. Evoking this crucial time in the life of Christ, based on the Gospels and her intense research into the period, Anne Rice vividly recreates these years of drama, confusion, and enlightenment. The story opens when the boy is seven, in cosmopolitan Alexandria where the family fled just before Herod's massacre of the innocents - and where they have prospered as carpenters. Word comes that Herod is dead, and the family takes ship back to Israel, a land colonised by Rome, fought over by Jews and Arabs, in a time of insurrection and confusion after the death of a tyrant king. (With its powerful and heavy-handed Roman occupying force trying to keep order, amid bandit insurgents, disorder and anarchy, there are uncanny parallels with the present day... )

It's an astonishing child's eye view - part innocent, part knowing - of Jewish life in these turbulent years of occupation, and the boy's growing awareness, first of his extraordinary powers (he can kill a rival boy with a look, or he can make it snow with a wish), the whispered mysteries surrounding his birth and finally of the untold tragedy that his coming visited on the children of others... Full of biblical references and informed by the history of Judaism, from the Flight to Egypt to the return to Nazareth, from the Fall of the Temple in Jerusalem to its rebuilding... one of the unexpectedly original aspects of the story lies in the unmistakeable Jewishness of the boy as he grows to manhood, steeped in the laws, rituals and traditions of his people. As he grows, he begins to discuss and dispute with the Elders in the temple, and to ask questions that cannot be answered. At the end he is, at 13, on the brink of manhood, torn between the pain of enlightenment and reconciliation with God and his future., foreshadowed here in his Passover visit to the Great Temple of Jerusalem... In a totally unexpected way, this is the culmination of what Anne Rice started with Interview with the Vampire - taking a supernatural story, about life, death, good and evil, resurrection and immortality , beyond the wildest probabilities and making it so real and palpable, so imbued with detail, that the narrator and hero, who are one and the same, come fully alive for the reader.

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All versions of this book

ISBN: 9780701173562
Publication date: 03/11/2005
Publisher: Vintage
Format: Hardback

Book Information

ISBN: 9780701173562
Publication date: 3rd November 2005
Author: Anne Rice
Publisher: Vintage
Format: Hardback
Genres: eBook Favourites, Historical Fiction,

About Anne Rice

Anne Rice was born in New Orleans in 1941, the second daughter in an Irish Catholic family. She is the author of the phenomenally successful Vampire Chronicles, now numbering 10 novels, of which Interview with the Vampire became a cult bestseller and a record-breaking film starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. She has written 17 other novels, including the popular Lives of the Mayfair Witches series.

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